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I love October

Happy October! Was browsing through my favorite blogs this morning and was really inspired by this holiday project. A Zentangler, which is a person who does a specific type of doodling, decided to doodle all over a plastic black pumpkin. I think I’m going to have to try this. Maybe my doodles need to go beyond the napkin and onto something three dimensional. Oh, the possibilities!

So yeah and check out this site. There’s a link to a Doodler’s Group called For the Love of Doodling.
The Adventures of a Dropstitcher’s blog is a lovely site that has plenty of ideas to inspire.

My Tangled Adventures

It’s my favorite time of year and October has got to be my favorite month.  I just love the color, the weather (for the most part – snow and ice storms not included) and Halloween!  I love to decorate for Halloween…


This is a plastic craft pumpkin I bought at Michaels…it comes in black, white, orange and I think I saw some in pink.  I really had a lot of fun doing this black pumpkin with white Gelly Roll pen….and you can see my new tangle, Podzles there on the right side.  I have one more I’m working on in a orangy, metalic pen and I’m close to finishing that – it will be done this weekend.

In sheepy news – I’ve three more sketches to ink in and so many more to do…..I was hoping to put together a calender for the holidays, but I’m also getting ready for…

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Best Napkin Doodles of the Past 100 Postings

Meet Lars, the Chimera

Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.

-Dr. Seuss

Rhino doodle using Zentangle patterns
Rhino doodle using Zentangle patterns

Meet my Rhino-Camel Chimera Zentangle Doodle

…whom I shall call Lars.

Drew this in the morning last weekend. I continue to resist making my Zentangle doodles into squares like the author of my Zentangle book encourages newbies to do. I think it looks like what would happen if a camel and a rhino had a baby but then the baby ran through an art supply store thus becoming covered in patterns. Maybe a Whoville runaway from a Dr. Suess book!

In other news, this is NOT a napkin, as you can see. Woke up at 5:30am so I could take photos of the sun rising over the city but no cafes or breakfast establishments were opened for me to drink tea and draw on their napkins. I did go to Bagel World and hung out on my stoop for a bit. That’s the big deal in Brooklyn, hanging out on your stoop. It’s a nice little badge of honor for those of us who rent apartments.

Since I am eating outdoors in the summer lately, I’ll either attempt to doodle outside, wherever I am or I will continue to do my Zentangle doodles until I make it out to the diners or cafes on the weekends. Apologies for the inconsistent napkin content but doodling all day!


Tangling with Zentangle

The school year ended yesterday! Yay!

As a dedicated doodler, I feel like it’s my job to try out all forms of mindless drawing when the opportunity presents itself. After work, the opportunity presented itself so I went to my local art store and went on a little art supply shopping spree. I picked up a book called, One Zentangle A Day: A 6-Week Course in Creative Drawing for Relaxation, Inspiration, and Fun by Beckah Krahula. Click HERE for more information on it. I’ve started the course today and completed the first three days because that’s how I roll when I get free time to myself. This is what I have created so far…

These were the first three patterns that I tried from her book.
These were the first three patterns that I tried from her book.

Next, three patterns were tangled up with some of the first few patterns in the next drawing.

Day 2, zentangle
Day 2, zentangle

And finally, Day 3’s zentangle doodle…

Day 3, Zentangle
Day 3, Zentangle

I am struggling with the whole idea of keeping the doodling structured into specific compartments of a square so I tend to ignore some of the author’s suggestions to keep the zentangle drawing in a square. I like the new styles and combinations of patterns offered by the book. I find it funny that there are specific names for these patterns, many of which sound like names given to furniture at IKEA. Great branding, though!

Also, I love the idea of shading my ink drawings with a pencil. It adds something extra to my drawings. While I enjoyed learning about this drawing style all day, I am ready to go back to freestyle doodling on napkins. If my Photography class this summer doesn’t take up all my time, I might try a few more of these tangle thingies.

Signing off for now…

Flower for the Samurai Seven

Your work is to discover your work and with all your heart to give yourself to it.” -Buddha

Kinjo Napkin Doodle 042
Drawn at the Japanese Fusion restaurant, Kinjo, after watching the movie, The Seven Samurai at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM)



Art as a Language

Weird Anime Creature Doodle 002

Sat down with my usual Earl Grey Tea at Megabites and drew this odd little creature. A local artist who displays his art pieces within the diner noticed that I was drawing on my napkins again and said something really interesting,

Artwork is it’s own language with it’s own psychic landscape.

He’s absolutely right! Wouldn’t it be great if we could have one whole conversation using illustration rather than words?! What if Congress used this method?! We would not need lawyers or politicians to interpret the archaic legalese way in which many of our laws were written. The Tower of Babel would be made whole again. Yeah, I don’t think it would really work but one can dream. Still, I like the idea behind using art to bring meaning to something which words fail to illuminate.

Well, those are my random thoughts and doodle for the day. Cheers to the waitress who got to the doodle first after I left!


Late Afternoon Flower

Late Afternoon Flower

The rain didn’t do much to end the summer heat creeping through Brooklyn. Decided to grab an iced coffee at the café franchise, Connecticut Muffin, after work. Started off with a quick napkin doodle. On my subway ride home, I realized that the thing I like most about doodling today is that I don’t have to be my past or my future while I draw. I am an active participant in my present state of simply being. Finding it interesting that I prefer to express myself with images rather than words lately. I feel like words can’t really capture all the layers of my being adequately .

Rain Goddess

Rain, rain, go away! Come again some other day!

After your umbrella flips up for the fifteenth time on your rainy walk home, it’s time to just give up and get some tea. It was a napkin doodling evening with some Cinnamon Tea and Lemon Cake at Connecticut Muffin on Lafayette Street. The best part of this place is the location since it’s around the block from BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music), several stage theaters, Brooklyn Tech High School, and the new Barclay Center. Some good eavesdropping to be had while I doodled.

Some high school students ordered Earl Grey Tea and talked about test anxiety and who was, “On point” in their class debates. A couple of German tourists who looked like models for the hipster Spring Collection talked over coffee. A guitarist and a singer practiced some soulful cover songs behind me. Some Rastas who normally drink their coffees outside this establishment, watched the rain from inside the café for a change. It was a melting pot of coffee and tea lovers under the same roof. The rain and the promise of a hot drink brought us together. And so, I drew this…


No doubt, she is some sort of creative deity that has swooped over this café and spread her creative influence throughout our hot coffees and our hot teas. Rain forces us inside…inside building, into our psyches, tapping the creative juices and letting it spill forward like a storm cloud. And it continued to rain.

Hoping there’s enough tea and creative juices left to last me through the evening. Drink tea, enjoy the rain, and create, create, create!

Napkin Diva

Napkin Diva

I don’t know her but she made it clear that she BELONGED on my napkin this morning. Her zentangle cape is meant to taunt me and my inability to do a true zentangle design. But I do not answer to her! In fact, I might need to use the napkin since I spilled my coffee. BE GONE, Zentangle Diva! I shall not give into your pattern-y ways.

Nonsense on a Napkin

Nonsense on a Napkin

Nonsense was in order this morning. Went to The General Greene this morning for a bottomless cup of coffee and some of this beautiful Spring morning light through their beautiful big windows. Emptied my thoughts and my cup. Had a bit of fun with the old Sharpie on my napkin.