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Pigeons, Pubs, and Doodles

Napkin Doodle at the Brooklyn Pub during Brunch
Napkin Doodle at the Brooklyn Pub during Brunch

Brooklyn Pub

While I’m not really inclined to think Pub for brunch, I was really pleased to find that my favorite old pub began serving brunch with their new management. There’s a host of new characters running the place with British accents and they’re all very sweet. The cook offered us free Bloody Marys since breakfast took longer than expected (some sort of miscommunication…they are brand new to brunches). We declined but were really pleased by the offer since there are a number of brunchy places in the neighborhood who wouldn’t even apologize for taking a long time. Anyway, the French toast with fresh peaches and yogurt was worth the wait. I didn’t take any photos of it because I just dove in and devoured it.

So I’m back in the doodling groove. This British Brooklyn Pub had some really great music and there weren’t too many people there yet. They seemed to be okay with me taking my time with my coffee as I drew and let my boyfriend take his time searching for his Fantasy Football team. Here’s a peak inside the pub…

Brooklyn Pub

I completed my Black and White Photography class this week so I was pleased to find that I could sit, relax, and focus on my doodles again. For the past month, my mind has been filled with projects, places I needed to photograph and I was awake at all hours trying to optimize the best lighting. I’m going to actually miss the Photo Lab. I stayed for many hours after class working on my photos because I tend to throw myself into projects. Now, it’s over!

Brooklyn Flea (Market) and Pigeons

Walked over to the Brooklyn Flea and found a booth called Carrier Pigeon. They were selling illustrations for $50 each and put out a magazine publication of illustrations. Took their card and bought an Apple Ginger soda and a donut from one of the vendors. was immediately surrounded by pigeons. Seems as though I am constantly encountering pigeons so I figured I would try to draw one. I shared half my donut with them and broke out my sketchbook. I experimented with continuous line drawing where you try to draw something without picking up the pen. It didn’t always work but I managed to draw one of the pigeons. See below…

Continuous Line Pigeon 

It was a good drawing exercise and it kept me entertained. The pigeon seemed to just know it was being drawn and photographed because it started to pose for my camera.

Blue Pigeon

I know they’re not the most popular bird in NYC but I think this one was particularly pretty.

We bonded…and then my donut was gone and it flew away.  

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.


*~Chief Doodler at Brooklyn Doodle~*



The Empress

The Empress, drawn at Megabites.
The Empress, drawn at Megabites.

At Megabites for the Usual

Back to the familiar diner routine and napkin doodling!

Yesterday, I felt the need to veg out on the couch in my PJs, read a book and some blogs, drink hot chocolate and do absolutely nothing related to art. That’s not entirely true though. When I accidentally woke up at 4:30am and saw how the light was in my apartment, I started to take abstract photos for my next photography assignment. Then, I went back to sleep and vegged.

I think downtime is important though. Today, after my usual Earl Grey tea and breakfast at Megabites, I took a stroll to the Brooklyn Flea Market on Lafayette Avenue. It has become a popular destination for foodies (plenty of artisan food stands), antique collectors, and clever things made by local New York artists. For me, it was a great place to get inspiration for interesting abstract photography shots.

So, if you are ever in the Downtown Brooklyn area (5-10 minute walk from Atlantic Terminal), go check it out. Click HERE for more info on it.

Enjoy your Saturday strolls and don’t forget your sharpies!


The Brooklyn Doodle

Scribbling, Scribbling!

Created at the newly renovated and new management at the Brooklyn Pub House
Created at the newly renovated and new management at the Brooklyn Pub House

Brooklyn Pub House. Happy to report that the Brooklyn Pub House on DeKalb Ave. in Fort Greene is open again under new management and some renovations. In January of this year, they had unexpectedly closed without warning. However, someone decided to that it wasn’t their time to close yet and bought the place from the original owner. There’s a new “taster” menu which they are trying out on the public at large. I tried the salmon burger and loved it. The fish and chips looked promising too. But really, I’m just happy to see my familiar booth and be happy to watch the World Cup on their television screen. The doodle on the napkin started there but I finished it at home. I think it looks like a bird dressed up as a firework. Independence Day is a week away! It must be on my mind.

I find myself writing and drawing on the subway ride from work too. After an end of school year celebration, I swiped one of the napkins and drew this on the bumpy ride home on the C train.

On the C train
On the C train

I’d like to believe my expertly folded napkin and doodle could end up on the artist’s Judy Chicago’s installation piece, The Dinner Party. During Women’s History Month, the Brooklyn Museum displays it every other year. Chicago creates a personalized place sitting for all notable women in history, past, present, mythical, and biblical to sit at the same table for one enormous dinner party. Click HERE to check it out.

Last but not least, a really randomly drawn doodle with no apologies for it’s messy, overlapping sketches and lack of thought into composition. It just is.


Drawn at Cammerari's Cafe
Drawn at Cammerari’s Café

I think I need more inspiration so the goal is to try out zentangle this summer. I’ll REALLY try this time though. Not like that time that I failed miserably at it in the post, Masked Cabbage. Click HERE to see what I mean. Going to do a bit of reading on it and figure it all out on my own once again.

So, enjoy this beautiful Friday and scribble away, folks!




Bauhaus Bubbles

Bauhaus Bubbles

Masterpiece Blogger Presents: Blog Art Theater <curtsy>

Going to use my best New York City Brahman class voice. Ahem!

What you can see here is an assemblage of shapes reminiscent of Wassily Kandinsky’s artistic compositions during the Bauhaus Movement. Using only lines and shapes on a napkin canvas, the artist (moi!) is able to capture the spiritual transcendence over the general gloom of her soggy sandwich during her lunch break in the teacher’s lounge. As the artist tested the structural integrity of the ultra soft napkin, she excavated through the depths of her subconscious as she dug beyond the veneer of the first napkin layer, a.k.a the mask, only to find the darkness of the expo marker revealed. John Keats would probably refer to the carefully rendered art on these napkin leaves as the vale of soul-making if he were alive in this century. The anguish and the struggle to burst forth beyond the confines of the preexisting structures that exist in the shapes, representative of societal structures, is evident and yet the minor attempt for the self to burst forth through the napkin and through the structures that trap her merely resulted in imitating the structures that already exist. Beautiful and tragic! sigh. Moving on…

Resuming my New Yaaawk accent (pronounced ‘axe-cent’):
Yeah, it ain’t bad! What’s the score of the World Cup teams?

Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Happy Friday! Went to a street sale and bought a used copy of the movie, The Fountain. If you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend it but it might take a few views to really get what the director is going for. The whole movie is based on the desire to find eternal life. One man in present day, finds it through his medical research. One woman in his past life finds it through creating in death. After she dies, her body deteriorates and it nourishes the tree. She becomes the tree. The birds eat fruit from the tree so she becomes the birds, and so on…

That movie led me to thinking about Fibonacci’s number sequence which is a pattern found in all things including nature and human beings. In made me feel like we are all one, people and the natural world.

So anyway, I began to draw stripes on the arm of the man which is holding a striped branch that he took from the tree behind him. I wanted a repetition in the complex striped design in the tree to be reflected in the human arm and the branch (the tree’s metaphorical arm).

Maybe I’m putting too much thought into this napkin piece. It was lunch time when I drew this, once again. The napkin came from the best deli in East New York that makes something called a Jacked Up sandwich…hot, melted pepperjack cheese on honey turkey and the works.

Napkin drawing has been a great way for me to distress at work so I’ve been doing quite a bit there. I’ll do my best to visit some other parts of Brooklyn for my next one.
Doodle & De-stress, everyone!

Keats’ Isabella


Victorian Frock
Victorian Frock

Drawn at work again during my lunch break on a left over napkin from the end of school year party. One more week to go until my Summer Break! This doodle reminds me of a John Keats poem that I read when I was a British Literature major called, Isabella; or, The Pot of Basil.

Isabella is from an aristocratic family but they are broke. The family fortune relies on her marriage to a prosperous gentleman. However, she falls for one of the workers, Lorenzo. The brothers aren’t having it though so they kill Lorenzo off by decapitating him. Lorenzo’s ghost gives her the head’s up (no pun intended) on his body’s whereabouts. She searches in the night to find him (the part that reminds me of my doodle) and decides to put his beautiful head in a giant pot of basil to preserve his beauty. She carries the pot of basil with her everywhere since his death left her in a delirious state. She never marries and the brothers become destitute (I suspect). The poem is based on Boccaccio’s story but I fell in love with the Keats version of the story. Click HERE to see the full poem.

Flower for the Samurai Seven

Your work is to discover your work and with all your heart to give yourself to it.” -Buddha

Kinjo Napkin Doodle 042
Drawn at the Japanese Fusion restaurant, Kinjo, after watching the movie, The Seven Samurai at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM)



Art as a Language

Weird Anime Creature Doodle 002

Sat down with my usual Earl Grey Tea at Megabites and drew this odd little creature. A local artist who displays his art pieces within the diner noticed that I was drawing on my napkins again and said something really interesting,

Artwork is it’s own language with it’s own psychic landscape.

He’s absolutely right! Wouldn’t it be great if we could have one whole conversation using illustration rather than words?! What if Congress used this method?! We would not need lawyers or politicians to interpret the archaic legalese way in which many of our laws were written. The Tower of Babel would be made whole again. Yeah, I don’t think it would really work but one can dream. Still, I like the idea behind using art to bring meaning to something which words fail to illuminate.

Well, those are my random thoughts and doodle for the day. Cheers to the waitress who got to the doodle first after I left!


Russian Tea

Cammerari Doodle

I’d like to believe this is a cute Russian soldier. When I was a wee lass, my grandmother would buy little Disney figurines for each new child that was born. She went through all of the seven dwarves with my older siblings. I’m the ninth child so she ran out of Disney figurine ideas and I ended up with this tiny Russian soldier with a heart on it’s sleeve. I’m not Russian but maybe I was in a past life or something. Anyway, I wish I knew what happened to it. So, this doodle sort of reminds me of what it looked like.

Speaking of all things Russian, I ventured out of Brooklyn yesterday to a place far, far away in the land of Manhattan. I went to the Russian Tea Room. See below…

My proof I was there. :)
My proof I was there. 🙂

No, that’s not tea (it came later, complete with sour cherries to sweeten the tea). And no, I did not create a doodle on their napkin so I really shouldn’t post this. They had cloth napkins. Fancy schmancy stuff!  It’s not like it didn’t cross my mind though. However, since this IS a blog about doodling in Brooklyn. I managed to find one of their printed napkins and brought it back to Brooklyn for a future doodling date in the near future. Yes, you heard me. I actually looked for their napkins to bring home so I might have the PRIVILEGE of doodling on them. My commitment to napkin doodling knows no bounds. Russian Tea Room napkin coming soon!

I’m going to end this blog posting with a Happy Father’s Day! Here’s a tribute to all the cool dads out there. Click HERE to see how one dad that actually doodles all over his son’s lunch bags.  Keep doodling and share them with the world!



Art and Protests

“Everything is art. Everything is politics.” -Ai WeiWei

Felt compelled to go my first protest at Union Square in Manhattan this weekend. I almost didn’t. If given the choice, I would rather NOT be the person behind the bullhorn shouting for reform. My younger self might have enjoyed that attention and sense of conviction. My present self feels the need to hear both ends of any issue. I decided to get information on the issues surrounding the NYC March Against Monsanto because the whole idea of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in our food supply didn’t sit well with me. Our country’s leaders seem to feel it’s just fine. Many people there attributed GMOs to Colony Collapse Disorder in bees throughout the world. So, I went and took photos of the protest, the signs, the costumes, the ways people got their message across. Here’s what I saw…


This banner was made with seeds which are in danger of being genetically modified as a way to repel insects among other things. The bees which help to pollinate are significant in the banner since they have been dying off en masse since GMOs have been introduced.


I thought the “Unarmed Civilian” statement was notable given the way protesters had been treated in the past during the Occupy Wall Street days. She was ready though and the protest commenced peacefully without interference from the NYPD.


Bravely announcing on the bullhorn!


“Bee” the change!


Waiting with signs to begin the long walk through the city. Some individuals gave out handmade signs that they created for those who didn’t have any. Many of the signs were very colorful, like the ones below.






And the march began.


Not everyone felt the need to grab the bullhorn and shout. All people, outgoing and shy, were concerned about our food. We gave our support in a way that fit within our comfort levels. Some were uber creative while others were direct, clear, not loud but equally powerful. At the very least, I felt I could share my photography to get people wondering, questioning, and finding answers on their own.