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Finding Wings

A work in progress
A work in progress.

A New Year and a potential new project.

I decided to research different types of wings and create a sketchbook full of them. I feel like I could go anywhere with this: bat wings, bird wings, angel wings, dragonfly wings! You get the idea. I could eventually invent some sort of Steampunk version of wings. I could go for realism or fantasy. Maybe it will all lead to some metaphorical wings where I could find a way to fly out of the rut in which I have been wallowing.

So, I shall draw some wings for a clock. Maybe it will help time fly so I can move toward a happier upcoming event in my life. I am getting married this summer to a wonderful man. In case you were wondering why there were so many cups and plates at my diner table while I drew on napkins, it is because he was sitting across from me while I did it (in most cases). It’s nice when your creative antics has some support. So, that being said, I’m going to be really corny now and dedicate this napkin drawing blog to him!

And with that, a few more napkins drawn at Megabites in Ft. Greene and Dizzy’s Diner in Park Slope.

Eyes on the Candle Doodle IMG_9545New Year's Doodle 2015

On a side note, Dizzy’s Diner offers patrons a free cup of coffee with their purchase IF you can solve their riddles. The riddles change each day. Fun place! Happy New Year!

Best Napkin Doodles of the Past 100 Postings

Russian Tea

Cammerari Doodle

I’d like to believe this is a cute Russian soldier. When I was a wee lass, my grandmother would buy little Disney figurines for each new child that was born. She went through all of the seven dwarves with my older siblings. I’m the ninth child so she ran out of Disney figurine ideas and I ended up with this tiny Russian soldier with a heart on it’s sleeve. I’m not Russian but maybe I was in a past life or something. Anyway, I wish I knew what happened to it. So, this doodle sort of reminds me of what it looked like.

Speaking of all things Russian, I ventured out of Brooklyn yesterday to a place far, far away in the land of Manhattan. I went to the Russian Tea Room. See below…

My proof I was there. :)
My proof I was there. 🙂

No, that’s not tea (it came later, complete with sour cherries to sweeten the tea). And no, I did not create a doodle on their napkin so I really shouldn’t post this. They had cloth napkins. Fancy schmancy stuff!  It’s not like it didn’t cross my mind though. However, since this IS a blog about doodling in Brooklyn. I managed to find one of their printed napkins and brought it back to Brooklyn for a future doodling date in the near future. Yes, you heard me. I actually looked for their napkins to bring home so I might have the PRIVILEGE of doodling on them. My commitment to napkin doodling knows no bounds. Russian Tea Room napkin coming soon!

I’m going to end this blog posting with a Happy Father’s Day! Here’s a tribute to all the cool dads out there. Click HERE to see how one dad that actually doodles all over his son’s lunch bags.  Keep doodling and share them with the world!



Colorful Flowers

Colorful flowers

Going to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens’ Cherry Blossom festival. Looking forward to seeing the events and, hopefully, some flowers blooming. At Megabite’s Diner, I decided to bring my new colored Sharpies and design my own flower. Enjoy this beautiful Spring day!

Finding Swoon


Tonight marked the close of my Spring Break before heading back to work tomorrow. I went to my local burger joint, 67 Burger, to nosh on some sweet potato fries and doodle out my anxiety. I worry too much when it comes to work so I have to have my outlets. I didn’t travel to some distant land this year but I got to pursue my artistic endeavors.

Besides visiting cafes or restaurants to doodle, I love dabbling in photography. I entered into competitions. Figured out how to transfer my photos onto a CD; how to write an Artist’s Statement; how to price some of my work; and how to find competitions. I dedicated some time to navigating this crazy social networking madness through Twitter (I am light-years behind everyone else on this). All of it was interesting but it exhausted me. I took lots of naps over the past couple of days.

I realized that it’s important to step away from the social networking, the internet, the competitions, and even my own artistic endeavors for a while. Went for a walk. Not too far away, there is one of Swoon’s artwork wheat-pasted on the side of an old Brownstone.Image

Funny, I’m sure she never imagined that she would go from being a street artist to an international artist with an exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. Her stuff is there, at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, right now. Here’s a few things that I saw. Look familiar?


She illustrates on cardboard at times. I suppose that ‘canvas’ is a bit sturdier than my napkins. Will have to give it a try one day.


I connected to her work. I’m glad I stepped away from my own work for a while and paid homage to her massive world of doodle. One never knows where they will meet or see their next muse. I felt inspired by it.


So, if you’re in the nabe, put your laptop away. Put your markers down and head over to see her exhibit. Click HERE for details. If you can’t get to Brooklyn, walk around your neighborhood. You never know what you might find.


Found this one on N5th St. in Williamsburg during a bike ride. Have mini-adventures, get inspired, and doodle on, everyone!

Being Visible

We pass the time of day to forget how time passes.

-Hipolito, from the movie, Amelie

I pass my time doodling on napkins in diners, cafes, or pubs while drinking tea or whatnot. It’s my thing. It’s how I pass the time. It’s how I can freely be myself without worrying if I said the wrong thing or had the appropriate emotional response to the people and events around me. It feels like my own private sanctuary where I can get lost, put myself in a trance, and be present to my life as it happens in a peaceful way.

Every now and then, I like to share my doodling ruminations but am unsure how to do it. That’s why I take pictures of it and have started this blog. I have been doodling on napkins long before I started this blog. I didn’t keep all of my napkin drawings though and I left them behind with the money for my check. The finished product was not always as important as journey of drawing.

Today, something unexpected happened that reminded me of the movie, Amelie. In the French film, the main protagonist is a waitress who secretly does kindnesses for the people she encounters silently everyday. For instance, she takes a quote from the book written by one of her regulars, Hipolito (who thinks he’s a failed writer), and creates a bit of graffiti with it on the side of a wall that he passes every day. You can tell it means the world to the writer who feels heard.

So, I’m doodling on my napkin when the two waitresses at my favorite diner, Mega Bites, which is on DeKalb Ave. near the (Saturday) Brooklyn Flea market, approach me. Apparently, my aunt had come in earlier that morning and told them how I won a photography competition through an organization called Bicycle Utopia for the Am I Invisible? Bicycle Photography Competition. I was one of five winners to win $200 for my photograph. Here’s the link to the site. You have to click through to find my photo: Bicycle Utopia.

Anyway, the two ladies told me that they heard from my aunt that I have a blog on my napkin doodles. They wanted to show me that they have been collecting my napkin doodles all year. I was completely moved by this and asked if I could take their photo with the collection for my blog and they agreed. Here they are!


So, I guess if anyone decides to venture into Brooklyn, visit them. If you ask to see the collection of my napkin doodles, they have a bunch of them. Some of them, I had completely forgotten I’ve drawn. To see them all together like that makes me feel like I have passed my time well with my morning tea and the universe took care of the sharing of my doodles. I felt like the Hipolito.

Once again, I will share this week’s napkin doodle and encourage you to do the same with your art, your passions, your life’s drum. Share who you are.


Enjoy Spring! Get inspired by nature! Doodle and share!