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Simple Lines on Summer Days

I’m still doodling but haven’t been posting as much. Life happens and I’ve been riding the emotional rollercoaster that goes through it all.

Brooklyn Flea in August 2014

My three nephews moved to Florida last week from New York. I miss them already.

I was thinking of them when I drew this while waiting for a friend at the Brooklyn Flea.

Syracuse Sailboat Doodle

Drew this during a road trip to Syracuse, New York a the Blue Water Bar and Grill. Was going to visit a friend whom I haven’t seen in 2 years for her re-wedding. Her initial wedding was in China and I was about to meet this new married entity for the first time. Disorienting but it was lovely and am quite happy for them both.

Drawing on a napkin at Junior's in Downtown Brooklyn
Drawing on a napkin at Junior’s in Downtown Brooklyn

After a long, long road trip with my very exhausted boyfriend, we found solace is a huge bowl of pie a la mode at Junior’s. It’s a historic landmark known for their cheesecake, really.  Many celebrities have graced this place with their presence over the years. I felt like I was in an Edward Hopper painting while sitting at the booth.

Drawn at Mega Bites Diner
Drawn at MegaBytes Diner

Finally, a return to good old Megabytes Diner! It’s been particularly crowded there lately. Students have returned to the local colleges. Parents are visiting. And, I return to work at my school as well. As much as I’ve enjoyed my summer, I’m looking forward to finding a routine again, the cooler weather, long scarves, and hot tea. And of course, more napkins on which to doodle.

Scribbling, Scribbling!

Created at the newly renovated and new management at the Brooklyn Pub House
Created at the newly renovated and new management at the Brooklyn Pub House

Brooklyn Pub House. Happy to report that the Brooklyn Pub House on DeKalb Ave. in Fort Greene is open again under new management and some renovations. In January of this year, they had unexpectedly closed without warning. However, someone decided to that it wasn’t their time to close yet and bought the place from the original owner. There’s a new “taster” menu which they are trying out on the public at large. I tried the salmon burger and loved it. The fish and chips looked promising too. But really, I’m just happy to see my familiar booth and be happy to watch the World Cup on their television screen. The doodle on the napkin started there but I finished it at home. I think it looks like a bird dressed up as a firework. Independence Day is a week away! It must be on my mind.

I find myself writing and drawing on the subway ride from work too. After an end of school year celebration, I swiped one of the napkins and drew this on the bumpy ride home on the C train.

On the C train
On the C train

I’d like to believe my expertly folded napkin and doodle could end up on the artist’s Judy Chicago’s installation piece, The Dinner Party. During Women’s History Month, the Brooklyn Museum displays it every other year. Chicago creates a personalized place sitting for all notable women in history, past, present, mythical, and biblical to sit at the same table for one enormous dinner party. Click HERE to check it out.

Last but not least, a really randomly drawn doodle with no apologies for it’s messy, overlapping sketches and lack of thought into composition. It just is.


Drawn at Cammerari's Cafe
Drawn at Cammerari’s Café

I think I need more inspiration so the goal is to try out zentangle this summer. I’ll REALLY try this time though. Not like that time that I failed miserably at it in the post, Masked Cabbage. Click HERE to see what I mean. Going to do a bit of reading on it and figure it all out on my own once again.

So, enjoy this beautiful Friday and scribble away, folks!




Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Happy Friday! Went to a street sale and bought a used copy of the movie, The Fountain. If you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend it but it might take a few views to really get what the director is going for. The whole movie is based on the desire to find eternal life. One man in present day, finds it through his medical research. One woman in his past life finds it through creating in death. After she dies, her body deteriorates and it nourishes the tree. She becomes the tree. The birds eat fruit from the tree so she becomes the birds, and so on…

That movie led me to thinking about Fibonacci’s number sequence which is a pattern found in all things including nature and human beings. In made me feel like we are all one, people and the natural world.

So anyway, I began to draw stripes on the arm of the man which is holding a striped branch that he took from the tree behind him. I wanted a repetition in the complex striped design in the tree to be reflected in the human arm and the branch (the tree’s metaphorical arm).

Maybe I’m putting too much thought into this napkin piece. It was lunch time when I drew this, once again. The napkin came from the best deli in East New York that makes something called a Jacked Up sandwich…hot, melted pepperjack cheese on honey turkey and the works.

Napkin drawing has been a great way for me to distress at work so I’ve been doing quite a bit there. I’ll do my best to visit some other parts of Brooklyn for my next one.
Doodle & De-stress, everyone!

Keats’ Isabella


Victorian Frock
Victorian Frock

Drawn at work again during my lunch break on a left over napkin from the end of school year party. One more week to go until my Summer Break! This doodle reminds me of a John Keats poem that I read when I was a British Literature major called, Isabella; or, The Pot of Basil.

Isabella is from an aristocratic family but they are broke. The family fortune relies on her marriage to a prosperous gentleman. However, she falls for one of the workers, Lorenzo. The brothers aren’t having it though so they kill Lorenzo off by decapitating him. Lorenzo’s ghost gives her the head’s up (no pun intended) on his body’s whereabouts. She searches in the night to find him (the part that reminds me of my doodle) and decides to put his beautiful head in a giant pot of basil to preserve his beauty. She carries the pot of basil with her everywhere since his death left her in a delirious state. She never marries and the brothers become destitute (I suspect). The poem is based on Boccaccio’s story but I fell in love with the Keats version of the story. Click HERE to see the full poem.

Cammareri’s and Some Napkin Doodling

“What is life? They say bread is life.”

-Nicolas Cage in Moonstruck

Went to Cammareri’s Café in Ft. Greene today. It’s a café across from a beautiful park that is teeming with the dogs and their owners enjoying a bit of nature. That being said, I am seated on the side of the café where there’s scaffolding around the building across from me. It’s such a beautiful building underneath it all. Makes me wonder what Brooklyn must have looked like in the 1800s when horse and carriages ruled the streets instead of cars and SUVs. So, here’s my doodle and my view.

At Camerari's Cafe
At Camerari’s Café

Cammerari Napkin Doodle 004

I’m not sure if I had anything in mind while I drew this, which is the point of doodling anyway. I was happy to play with colors a bit more but I’m finding that the colors are bleeding into the napkin a lot. It doesn’t allow for much creative control but I worked with what I had. Enjoy your week!




Late Afternoon Flower

Late Afternoon Flower

The rain didn’t do much to end the summer heat creeping through Brooklyn. Decided to grab an iced coffee at the café franchise, Connecticut Muffin, after work. Started off with a quick napkin doodle. On my subway ride home, I realized that the thing I like most about doodling today is that I don’t have to be my past or my future while I draw. I am an active participant in my present state of simply being. Finding it interesting that I prefer to express myself with images rather than words lately. I feel like words can’t really capture all the layers of my being adequately .

Something Random Today

Something Random Today

Did this doodle at, um, I forgot. Okay, so this was a crazy weekend!

I went to the National Arts Club in Gramercy Park to see the documentary, Inocente with a Q&A and art reception on Thursday. Such an intimidatingly beautiful place! If you’re in Manhattan, go check it out. They seem to have a lot of interesting venues there.

Then, I had to head to Long Island after work to the Huntington Arts Council on Friday to see the, Day on Long Island photography reception for my boyfriend (his photo was being displayed). So inspired by the talent there that I decided to register for a course in photography this summer. I’m really excited about it!

I trekked over to Babylon Village, NY on Saturday morning to see Art by the Falls hosted by the Babylon Village Arts Council. I picked up painting there and got to talk to a bunch of different artists on their techniques. I wish I took a notebook with me.

On Sunday, I thought it was the perfect day to bike ride to Coney Island and take photos. The clouds added to the drama of my pictures with the carnival atmosphere. I was happy with them. Was especially happy to have bumped into a musician who was playing his guitar with his many parrots. Unfortunately, one of the parrots made a nest out of his collected money.

So yeah, I lost track of my blog, my napkin doodling, and I am having such a fun time visiting all these different venues. I feel like the creative juices are replenished and I’m ready to return to creating again. I have no idea what this doodle is, by the way. I wish I could come up with some Jungian esoteric explanation but, today, it’s a doodle. Your insights are welcome though. I know it was coffee induced though. Must return to my tea drinking habits, me thinks!