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I love October

Happy October! Was browsing through my favorite blogs this morning and was really inspired by this holiday project. A Zentangler, which is a person who does a specific type of doodling, decided to doodle all over a plastic black pumpkin. I think I’m going to have to try this. Maybe my doodles need to go beyond the napkin and onto something three dimensional. Oh, the possibilities!

So yeah and check out this site. There’s a link to a Doodler’s Group called For the Love of Doodling.
The Adventures of a Dropstitcher’s blog is a lovely site that has plenty of ideas to inspire.

My Tangled Adventures

It’s my favorite time of year and October has got to be my favorite month.  I just love the color, the weather (for the most part – snow and ice storms not included) and Halloween!  I love to decorate for Halloween…


This is a plastic craft pumpkin I bought at Michaels…it comes in black, white, orange and I think I saw some in pink.  I really had a lot of fun doing this black pumpkin with white Gelly Roll pen….and you can see my new tangle, Podzles there on the right side.  I have one more I’m working on in a orangy, metalic pen and I’m close to finishing that – it will be done this weekend.

In sheepy news – I’ve three more sketches to ink in and so many more to do…..I was hoping to put together a calender for the holidays, but I’m also getting ready for…

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My mind is on Halloween even though it’s only May. I bought myself a top hat and mask from Cirque du Soleil, just because, and wore it on the subway ride home. A few other people did as well. The Cirque du Soleil crowd was mixed with the Mets game crowd on the subway so it was an interesting mix of personalities on board. Many of the Mets fans who were dressed in all their Mets fan paraphernalia didn’t seem to understand why anyone would want to wear something from a French-Canadian Circus. However, we were all dressed up that night! It felt like Halloween.

Masked Lady

Masked Lady

Read about plague masks in Dan Brown’s book, Inferno, so I thought it might be fun to create a foreboding female character racing through the woods with one on her face with trees and thorns for adornments. Could be an interesting Halloween costume one day.