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Late Afternoon Flower

Late Afternoon Flower

The rain didn’t do much to end the summer heat creeping through Brooklyn. Decided to grab an iced coffee at the café franchise, Connecticut Muffin, after work. Started off with a quick napkin doodle. On my subway ride home, I realized that the thing I like most about doodling today is that I don’t have to be my past or my future while I draw. I am an active participant in my present state of simply being. Finding it interesting that I prefer to express myself with images rather than words lately. I feel like words can’t really capture all the layers of my being adequately .

Music Muse for Art

Music Muse for Art

Went to my usual diner for a cup of Earl Grey tea and picked up my Sharpie to doodle on yet another napkin. Realized that this particular diner had music that inspired my doodling so I finally asked what was playing. So, look up Solander’s “All Opportunities” and that’s my muse.