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Coming to an End

Inspired by Street Artist Kurt Wenner
Inspired by Street Artist Kurt Wenner

Life moves very fast. It rushes from Heaven to Hell in a matter of a second.

-Paulo Coelho

This is not a napkin. I haven’t photographed one of my napkin drawings in a while but I started to work on bristol paper again. I was inspired by Kurt Wenner who created many 3D illusions on pavement using pastels. An old friend gave me his book, Asphalt Renaissance, which documents his journey through Italy as he makes a living from the change he collects for his pastel chalk creations. I’m fascinated by the whole idea of him living his passion, working for himself, and his technique. In fact, I read an excerpt about how one of his creations was viewed by the Pope John Paul II. He made a 75 ft. tall creation of The Last Judgement. Incredibly detailed! On the top of this creation is Heaven and the classical European version of what artist’s believed God must look like. I started to sketch it but discovered that I wanted to make it female. Based on what I learned in Catholic school, God is neither male nor female so I took some artistic license and created this drawing instead.

I have been away from my napkin doodling but I continue to draw. I went to Tom’s Coney Island Diner on the boardwalk not too long ago. The famous amusement park is closed down and the seagulls weave through the tracks of the Cyclone roller coaster. Small bits of snow intermingled with the waves. So many people go fishing off the piers, even in the winter. So, I drew a bit at the Diner and the waitress assumed I was a tattoo artist based on my illustrations. She said her manager did that stuff too. I took it as a compliment and realized that there was a very creative vibe coming from the patrons. There was even a motorcycle gang who met in the back for lunch. All walks of life sat at the front counter to eat hot food and see the football game. There’s something about just sitting near the beach that has a healing effect on people and let’s everyone just relax. It was a good vibe and I really needed it.

It’s the end of 2014. So much has changed. Some of it has been good and others, not so much. It’s hard to quantify it. One thing I know, I think the year of napkin doodling and blogging appears to be coming to an end. I’m proud of this body of work: the illustrations, the reflections, and the photographing of different places around Brooklyn. It’s both strange and gratifying to put my work out there for anyone to read. Thank you so much for letting me share this year with you as I doodled my way through all the tea and coffee in the neighborhood. As my mom would say, go gently!

Enjoy the holidays and have a very happy New Year!

Something Random Today

Something Random Today

Did this doodle at, um, I forgot. Okay, so this was a crazy weekend!

I went to the National Arts Club in Gramercy Park to see the documentary, Inocente with a Q&A and art reception on Thursday. Such an intimidatingly beautiful place! If you’re in Manhattan, go check it out. They seem to have a lot of interesting venues there.

Then, I had to head to Long Island after work to the Huntington Arts Council on Friday to see the, Day on Long Island photography reception for my boyfriend (his photo was being displayed). So inspired by the talent there that I decided to register for a course in photography this summer. I’m really excited about it!

I trekked over to Babylon Village, NY on Saturday morning to see Art by the Falls hosted by the Babylon Village Arts Council. I picked up painting there and got to talk to a bunch of different artists on their techniques. I wish I took a notebook with me.

On Sunday, I thought it was the perfect day to bike ride to Coney Island and take photos. The clouds added to the drama of my pictures with the carnival atmosphere. I was happy with them. Was especially happy to have bumped into a musician who was playing his guitar with his many parrots. Unfortunately, one of the parrots made a nest out of his collected money.

So yeah, I lost track of my blog, my napkin doodling, and I am having such a fun time visiting all these different venues. I feel like the creative juices are replenished and I’m ready to return to creating again. I have no idea what this doodle is, by the way. I wish I could come up with some Jungian esoteric explanation but, today, it’s a doodle. Your insights are welcome though. I know it was coffee induced though. Must return to my tea drinking habits, me thinks!