About Doodling in Brooklyn

Find a nice café or diner. Ask the waiter or the waitress for a couple of extra napkins with your order. Then, break out the markers and make a mark on your free napkin canvas. Don’t think too much into it and don’t try to be a great artist, just go! Surprise yourself and keep adding details to it until your order finally arrives. Time will simply pass unexpectedly and you didn’t even look at your cell phone once! This blog celebrates your act of humanity and your desire to break the machine of your working life by creating something, anything, without needing to constantly be the best at it. Here, I’ll share my meanderings on navigating life and the doodles that find their way onto my napkins while I drink my tea.

To learn more about why I have dedicated my time to doodling, start at the beginning and click HERE!


49 thoughts on “About Doodling in Brooklyn

  1. Cool blog, I love your doodles. I can be a bit too hardcore with my art… this is a nice reminder that one can make beautiful things without stressing – and that art is meant to be soothing rather than hectic. Thanks for the little drop of sunshine. 🙂

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      1. I just checked out. Dramatic stuff! Really impressed by her artist’s statement too. I think she was able to accurately capture the surreal nature of her work. I dig the photo construction technique. I’ve never seen that before. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Same here! This is my first year blogging. I really dig the creativity and intelligence by the users of wordpress. Better than any well known magazine on the shelf today. I’m amazed this stuff is free.


  2. Hi Mary! I just stumbled upon your blog. Its really cool. Doodles are really amazingly crazy and and wonderful. Would love to see more of your creative canvas work. Nice to meet you. Have a creative weekend…:)


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