Napkin Doodle Photograph Winner

Good Morning!

Some good news…

About a week ago, I posted a photo of a napkin doodle as I usually do. Usually, I take the photo but I forgot my camera that day. My fiancé who is knee deep into photography decided to take the photo for me (and I should have given him props in my blog for it). Click HERE to see the original blog.

What’s really, REALLY cool is that he won a photography competition through AdoramaPix on Facebook and got $50 in photo lab credit. I’d like to believe it’s all good karma for helping me out with my blog. The competition was to come up with a photo that fits the “Coffee” theme. The judges had nice things to say about different aspects of the photo including that they loved my artwork on the napkin. Made me feel pretty good.

If you have Facebook, you can check his winning photo out HERE!

Um, that’s all. ::curtsy::  …more napkin doodles to come.

19 thoughts on “Napkin Doodle Photograph Winner

      1. Hi Mary,
        My folks were just in Brooklyn visiting my sister. If you and your sig other 🙂 (Congrats by the way! I’m trying out the word sig because I just sat through 3 weeks in a chemistry class scribing for a student and learning about sig figs/significant figures) have a desire to leave the city for a CT trip. My sister – an amazing artist – is having a one-woman show. I can’t think of the gallery address at the moment, but you can find it on her website GraceRoselli. She has long been combining painting and photography. I always say Grace’s art makes mine look like Crayola crayons. Many of her pieces are a bit risqué – as she enjoys a touch of shock value, but amazing none-the-less.
        Have a wondrous day!

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      2. How cool! I hope your folks enjoyed the visit to Brooklyn. I’m always up for a road trip and CT is beautiful. I’m doing the Tour de Bronx on the weekend of the 26th and next weekend is my sig (I like that) and my anniversary though. Does her exhibit go into November, maybe? I love all kinds of art. I went back to school for Fine Arts in the past couple of years (nigh school), just because. I love to see how artists are able to extract any kind of emotion from the viewer and curious about their technique, style, and process. And yes, so far this morning has been wondrously cool. I love Autumn. Sooo many colors coming out of the trees from my walk. Hope you enjoy yours too.


      3. My folks both grew up in NYC and love visiting their old stomping ground. My dad is a retired FBI agent. He worked the NY neighborhoods for many years and knows the layout very well. Congrats on your upcoming celebration – very exciting and happy!
        I believe Grace’s show is running for about 2 months. I’m probably going up with the Italians – my folks – near Halloween, as they’ll be crashing at my place for a few days. My mom’s B’day is Halloween (she’s a good witch 😉 ) and I’ll be entertaining a multitude of Italians 🙂
        Be well and doodle often 🙂
        AnnMarie 🙂

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      4. Happy Birthday to your mom! My favorite poet, John Keats has a birthday on Halloween. Her birthday parties must be the best. Funny about your dad being a retired NYC FBI agent. My great grandfather was a NYC Detective. There’s a book called Night Stick that features him (his last name is Wolter though). There was some huge case that he solved within a half an hour so newspapers thought he was a psychic detective. He just knew the neighborhoods and the people really well, I think. And Congrats to Grace for her big Art Show. I know how much work she must have probably put into each piece to make them gallery ready. Much luck to her!


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