Back from Seattle

So, I forgot to mention that I was traveling this week. I went to Seattle, just for fun. There were a ton of coffee shops (not all of them Starbucks) so there was lots of doodling to be had. I took photos, left a few napkin doodles behind and spread the random acts of doodle love around the good old Space Needle city. I thought I should check in and let you know that I have to go through hundreds of photos to find my doodles before I post them. More to come this weekend…!

10 thoughts on “Back from Seattle

    1. I think my favorite places were Pioneer Square, Ballard, Fremont, and Broadway by the University. Lots of great people watching. If you live close, you should definitely go. It’s a 6 hour flight for me.


      1. Yeah I like it to, besides trying to find a parking spot! Did you go to Pike’s Market or down by the Ferries? Those are Cool to go on Too! There is a pod Of Orca’s that follow one Of them.

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      2. I went to Pike’s a couple of times and I went by the ferries but I didn’t know to look for orcas. How cool! About 6 years ago, I took a cruise to Alaska from those ports and I remember seeing my first orca though. Pandas of the sea! They’re so beautiful.


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