The Empress

The Empress, drawn at Megabites.
The Empress, drawn at Megabites.

At Megabites for the Usual

Back to the familiar diner routine and napkin doodling!

Yesterday, I felt the need to veg out on the couch in my PJs, read a book and some blogs, drink hot chocolate and do absolutely nothing related to art. That’s not entirely true though. When I accidentally woke up at 4:30am and saw how the light was in my apartment, I started to take abstract photos for my next photography assignment. Then, I went back to sleep and vegged.

I think downtime is important though. Today, after my usual Earl Grey tea and breakfast at Megabites, I took a stroll to the Brooklyn Flea Market on Lafayette Avenue. It has become a popular destination for foodies (plenty of artisan food stands), antique collectors, and clever things made by local New York artists. For me, it was a great place to get inspiration for interesting abstract photography shots.

So, if you are ever in the Downtown Brooklyn area (5-10 minute walk from Atlantic Terminal), go check it out. ClickΒ HERE for more info on it.

Enjoy your Saturday strolls and don’t forget your sharpies!


The Brooklyn Doodle

12 thoughts on “The Empress

  1. One of the beauties I’ve discovered in my retirement is peace of mind. I’m never in a hurry, never bored and quite spontaneous. On a 200 miles drive to the west coast yesterday I had no real destination yet I brought my camera gear. I took one photo but deemed it a successful trip because I returned refreshed. Gone are the demands of accomplishing anything.

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    1. I’d say the one photo might be considered quite an accomplishment. Ansel Adams would have gone to great lengths for one perfect shot with his camera. I think going with the spontaneous drive and always being ready with a camera is exactly what an artist would do. Maybe at this stage of your life, you can afford the time to explore that possibility. The world could use more artists, in my humble opinion. Join the clan!


  2. The detail is really amazing. I would never be able to do what you are able to. Great job. The whole thing is really beautiful. You’re such a talented artist.

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    1. It always just starts with a line or a circle and connecting them. Then something clicks in your brain because it starts to look like something and you go with it. I never plan these drawings, which is why I will continue to call them doodles. Sometimes, the act of just making a mark on a paper or napkin can lead to something I could never have imagined. So, you never know. I bet you could come up with something even better. Embrace the “mistakes” as divine intervention for you to turn the mistakes into something cool that you didn’t consider. And thanks for the compliment and checking out my blog. πŸ™‚


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