Bittersweet Doodles

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.

-William Shakespeare

From My Sketchbook: Palm Reading
From My Sketchbook: Palm Reading

Looked through my old sketchbooks and remember playing around with pencil sketches on the regular. So much has changed since then and it makes me wonder what my future holds. Hopefully, I’ll have a hand in directing the course of my future towards my own artistic goals.

Drew these birds at Jones Beach State Park. My dad, with his Brooklyn accent, would call these, Da Byoids!
Drew these birds at Jones Beach State Park. My dad, with his Brooklyn accent, would call these, Da Byoids!

Switching Mediums

It’s funny how switching mediums can completely change your style of drawing. I’m more inclined to using Sharpies now so no more drawing with an erasure or a blending tool. This summer, my medium has switched again to photography. I capture my subject in so many different positions and angles. I ‘paint’ with light.

And yet, today I discovered that maybe my style is somewhat consistent during my critique in my Photography class. I seem to go for drastic contrasting colors. At least, that’s what I realized when my work was placed up against all the others. Most people went for subtlety. Maybe I watch too many old black and white films or something.

Emptying My Head for New Projects

So much effort went into displaying 3 black and white photos out of nearly 200 taken at different locations, different times, and different natural lighting for my critique today. I spent so much time at the Photography Lab classroom this week working on a number of the pieces on Lightroom 5 that I started having dreams about lighting and paper. The assignment was to take photos of paper interacting with light. Now that it’s over, I have a new photography assignment but I have to empty my head of the last one. Time to grab coffee and create a napkin doodle. Found my moment of zen at a local café this hot afternoon.

Bittersweet Café

The one long bench and table in Bittersweet Cafe
The one long bench and table in Bittersweet Café

Early in the morning and especially on the weekends, there are lines out the door for the incredible coffee and pastries in this small cafe. The thing that makes this place noteworthy are the dog treats that are sold up at the front register and dog dishes full of water waiting outside for their canine patrons. There are a ton of dog owners in the Ft. Greene, Brooklyn neighborhood so you’re likely to find 15 dogs parked outside Bittersweet awaiting their owners’ return with an expectant stare toward this establishment. It’s always fun to pass by them!

Luckily, I arrived around 4pm (they close at 5pm) and it was pretty empty for a change. Got myself an iced mocha and popped a squat on one of the stools around the one empty communal table. Here’s what I drew today…

Tree Headed Girl drawn at Bittersweet Cafe
Tree Headed Girl drawn at Bittersweet Café

This doodle of a concerned girl with what appears to be a tree growing out of her head reminds me of a Japanese Animation Short called Mount Head directed by Koji Yamamura.

*Spoiler Alert*

The main character accidentally swallows a cherry pit from some cherries he ate. A cherry tree proceeds to grow out of the top of his head. The short 10 minute film shows how he deals with it. Worthy of your 10 minutes to watch it.

My second doodling meditation as I cleared my own head of the seeds of knowledge planted there…

Zentangle inspired Turtle
Zentangle inspired Turtle

A nice slow zentangle inspired turtle!

A good reminder to slow down! Hoping to clear my head so I can fill it with another Photography assignment this weekend. More than likely, I will be doodling quite a bit to ground myself before moving forward. Until then…

Go forth and doodle on,


10 thoughts on “Bittersweet Doodles

  1. Maybe you’ll be combining your doodles with your photography, could make some very creative imagery. I chucked when I saw your drawing of the tree headed girl because yesterday I drew a similar sketch of a woman with tree hair. Have a good day. – Sharon


    1. That could be a fun project, with the photography and doodling combined. Yeah, I was going to toss the tree headed girl away too. We were clearly on the same wavelength yesterday.


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