Best Napkin Doodles of the Past 100 Postings

“I learned how to draw from being bored in school.

I would doodle in the margins of my notebook.”

-Kevin Nealson

 Since this is Brooklyn Doodle’s 100th post, I thought I would reflect on what I have created thus far and show some of the Napkin Doodle project highlights from this past year. Feedback is welcome!

Thank you for following and reading my blog. This has been fun journey so far and I have met some interesting artists in Brooklyn who happened to notice my random act of doodle-ness in all the different neighborhoods of my borough. I look forward to continuing the journey.

In other news…

Last night, I went to the Brooklyn Promenade with hundreds of other Brooklynites and tourists who enjoyed the light show over New York City. It’s the first fireworks display New York City has had in a very long time and everyone had a calm energy. There was a beautiful community spirit that was in the air that sometimes feels nonexistent when you go about your life in an anonymous way among millions of people. So, I feel particularly happy this morning. Thanks Mayor Bill de Blasio!

Hope everyone enjoyed a bit of magic and beauty last night too. That said, here’s my napkin doodle gallery of my year living in Brooklyn thus far. Enjoy my virtual art show!

36 thoughts on “Best Napkin Doodles of the Past 100 Postings

    1. Thank you! My dad claims his days in Brooklyn 80 years ago were the Golden Age with the Brooklyn Dodgers, trolley cars, and when he was in the Brooklyn Navy. For me, it’s now with it’s bike lanes, cafes, the Brooklyn Nets, and this huge art scene. Curious when it was for you! Great use of the word, halcyon, btw. And thank you so much for following!


  1. Feedback? What feedback could I possibly give other than, “Keep it up!” So glad you’re doing this. It’s been a joy to follow along and see all your doodles throughout the short time I’ve been here. (That sailor chick is still my fave so far.)


    1. HA! I’m glad my sailor chick got some love and attention. And thanks for some of the reposts on Twitter. I’m still learning how all this social media stuff works and I’m sort of learning from the people I “meet” online. So, THANK YOU!!!

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  2. Mary, congratulations on reaching that so hard to reach milestone of 100 posts!

    You are so freakin crazy talented it’s… crazy!! There are so many amazing doodles here – the mummy, moon goddess, first cherry blossom… and so many more.

    I’m so glad we’ve connected through WordPress because I don’t see any other blogs like yours and the quality of your drawings are constantly so mindbogglingly amazing. You really should get some of these turned into t-shirts and post cards or business cards, and I think you should approach Sharpie to see about some sort of endorsement or marketing deal. Ooh, that last idea is a good one, get on that 🙂

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    1. All great ideas. Funny enough, my sister just sent me a link to make t-shirts. It’s worth thinking about. And I think I should probably buy stock in Sharpie the way I’m going through them. Thank you so much for the encouragement and support on this little project of mine and you were right about the mirrorless camera (I think you had mentioned it). My professor has one and keeps raving about it. For now, I’m using a Canon camera that takes RAW images. Having fun with the class so far!


      1. Glad to hear that you’re enjoying the class.

        By the way, I was thinking that a framed photo display of your best images would make for a REALLY cool and unique exhibit. I’ve never heard of an exhibit of photos of drawings on napkins.

        Ever thought of approaching the cafes with your images and asking them if they’d display some on their walls? They’d totally love that, especially when you happen to include their coffee mugs and stuff to really give the feeling that you’re doing these things in cafes.

        p.s. all I do is constantly come up with amazing ideas, so please pick one and run with it 🙂

        Ha, I’m kinda kidding.

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      2. I love the idea. I need to get over my shyness and try. I’m pretty sure Megabites would be all for it. I have to do a photography project of one theme, a hobby or interest. That idea fits perfectly. Keep the ideas coming!!! LOL.


      3. Definitely do that for your project!!! I’d love to see it afterwards. And get all over the gang at Megabites, but make sure you’ve got 8-12 images worth sharing. When you approach them, either have them framed (so they can easily visualize the finished product), or have them ready to show on a tablet or something.

        I’m excited about this… do it, do it!

        And, you should get cards made up. On one side have one of the doodles, and on the other side just have your name, blog name, and email. Nobody uses the phone any more. I have cards made up like that, with my self portrait on the back, and people seem to really like it.


  3. Mary I am so excited you created this Blog your art / Doodles are so inspiring and I have had the pleasure of witnessing them being posted on facebook throughout the year! Its is my pleasure to see them all in one place =) Keep up the creativity

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  4. Reblogged this on and commented:
    One of the things I enjoy most about blogging is great people who have really cool ideas. A while back, I met Mary over at Brooklyn Doodle and was instantly fascinated with her napkin sketches. You see, while waiting for tea at various shops around her neighbourhood she pulls out a Sharpie and produces a masterful piece of artwork on nothing more than a napkin. Her artistic skills are second to none, and the manner in which she presents them are incredibly original. I think that this first post is a good intro to Mary’s work, but I also recommend that you click over to her blog at Brooklyn Doodle to see more of her amazing art.
    Great stuff Mary!!

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  5. Hi Mary, I just found your doodle blog, through Shane’s blog. Wonderful stuff! I am just kind of getting back to doodling myself. I doodled then coloured one piece during the school year, while waiting each day to pick up my son. loved doing it, might just have to keep at it 🙂

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  6. An utterly fantastic collection, and also utterly unique– and it’s not easy to come up with an as-yet-unexplored artistic niche. Beautiful work, I love ’em all!

    Re marketing ideas: since you’re now an ace photographer (!!), why not make composites of your images (20 or 30 images edited together), create a corresponding digital file, and have them printed up as posters? Can’t help thinking they’d look absolutely fantastic on a wall!

    Congrats on The Big 1-0-0, and Doodle On!! : )

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    1. A receptive audience to my drawings feels like payment for my artwork but maybe, when I have time, I’ll think about marketing the ones that I have kept. Right now, I’m just enjoying the process of creating, drinking tea, and visiting cafes.


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