ATC Card Doodling

Happy 4th of July!

Found an old ATC (Artist Trading Card) of mine from when I went to Belgium and bike rode through Bruges. My family and I had the habit of going to Panera Bread for breakfast every now and then. We drew on ATCs and exchanged them. Here’s a few in my collection.

1. Mine is the girl bike riding.

2. My sister, Carol, drew the bread

3. My mom drew the tree and the orange with the sticker attached (found art!)

4. My dad drew the airplane but denies being able to draw.

5. One of my neices drew the sunrise.

Looking forward to seeing the whole lot of them for a reunion tomorrow back on Long Island tomorrow. Too much rain today for anything outdoors today so lots of sketching to be done and some photography homework. I have to take 100 photos of a piece of paper interacting with light. It’s actually really time consuming.


4 thoughts on “ATC Card Doodling

  1. I’ll trade you one of mine for one of yoooouuuurrrrrrrs!!!! 😉
    Serious, I need an original piece to add to my collection in my entry way. I’ve got Grandma, Carol, Wolfgang and Gunnar hanging on my walls (don’t know what happened to Joe’s piece I had framed) Now I need a Brooklyn Doooooooodle….


    1. Wow Danielle! You’re officially on WordPress. Coool! I have one of Joe’s and I have an ATC card waiting for you so bring it to the BBQ tomorrow! 🙂


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