Meet Lars, the Chimera

Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.

-Dr. Seuss

Rhino doodle using Zentangle patterns
Rhino doodle using Zentangle patterns

Meet my Rhino-Camel Chimera Zentangle Doodle

…whom I shall call Lars.

Drew this in the morning last weekend. I continue to resist making my Zentangle doodles into squares like the author of my Zentangle book encourages newbies to do. I think it looks like what would happen if a camel and a rhino had a baby but then the baby ran through an art supply store thus becoming covered in patterns. Maybe a Whoville runaway from a Dr. Suess book!

In other news, this is NOT a napkin, as you can see. Woke up at 5:30am so I could take photos of the sun rising over the city but no cafes or breakfast establishments were opened for me to drink tea and draw on their napkins. I did go to Bagel World and hung out on my stoop for a bit. That’s the big deal in Brooklyn, hanging out on your stoop. It’s a nice little badge of honor for those of us who rent apartments.

Since I am eating outdoors in the summer lately, I’ll either attempt to doodle outside, wherever I am or I will continue to do my Zentangle doodles until I make it out to the diners or cafes on the weekends. Apologies for the inconsistent napkin content but doodling all day!


4 thoughts on “Meet Lars, the Chimera

  1. I really like where your doodles are taking you or where you are taking your doodles. Love the organic-art deco-alien feel to this – way cool 🙂
    AnnMarie 🙂
    One of my dreams was to live above a deli (not sure why, I’m not that captivated by lunchmeat), but part of the dream included hanging out on my front stoop…enjoy your stoop – it’s a magical place 🙂


    1. Thanks Ann, I’m sort of surprising myself with this doodling journey as well. Living above a deli would be so nice right now since it’s raining and I’m too lazy to cook. I live in an old brownstown. They’re pretty but it has lots of old building problems, like no elevators and extreme heat in the summer. The stoop solves all of that though.


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