Cafe au Lait, Petanque, and Doodles

“Not only the thirsty seek the water, the water as well seeks the thirsty.”



doodle and zentangle 009
Doodle created at Provence en Boite on Smith Street

Provence en Boite

Took a long walk yesterday morning to one of my favorite breakfast places on Smith Street in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. If there were a French district in Brooklyn, this particular block would be it. On Bastille Day, a French National Holiday, the block is closed off for all sorts of celebrations. Some French restaurants along the street have food and wine tastings, if you buy tickets beforehand. I’m pretty sure Provence en Boite was one of those restaurants to offer it. Here’s a photo of the place. It’s very relaxed with outdoor seating and the best French toast in town.

Provence en Boite, located on Smith St.
Provence en Boite, located on Smith St.

My favorite thing to do on Bastille Day on Smith Street was to watch was a game called Petanque. Some websites compare it with horseshoes except you use balls instead of horseshoes and there is some strategy involved in knocking your opponents balls out of the way. So, over a really huge bowl of Café au Lait (half coffee and milk), I felt bold enough to buy a $30 ticket to form my own Petanque Team, despite never playing the game a day in my life. I blame the bowl of coffee I had that morning and I’m not exaggerating. See below…

Bowl of Café au Lait
Bowl of Café au Lait

Yeah, that’s a whole lot of coffee!

So, now the goal is to find a place to practice my game. I googled Petanque in NYC and found out that Bryant Park in Manhattan has a bit of that Petanque noise going on Monday through Friday. I will do my best to motivate myself to cross boroughs. May have to take my doodling back on the train again.

Until then…

Au Revoir!


4 thoughts on “Cafe au Lait, Petanque, and Doodles

  1. Wow, that must have been a heckuva cup of coffee! I’ve only seen petanque once, in a small village in southern France. It looked hard. I wish you luck; keep us posted on what happens.


  2. “…the water as well seeks the thirsty.” Hmm… that also seems to be true of the café au lait– and you were clearly very thirsty… : )

    I’m beginning to think Brooklyn has the most cafés and breakfast places in the universe! It’s great to see all these places where you create your napkin masterpieces. : )


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