Scribbling, Scribbling!

Created at the newly renovated and new management at the Brooklyn Pub House
Created at the newly renovated and new management at the Brooklyn Pub House

Brooklyn Pub House. Happy to report that the Brooklyn Pub House on DeKalb Ave. in Fort Greene is open again under new management and some renovations. In January of this year, they had unexpectedly closed without warning. However, someone decided to that it wasn’t their time to close yet and bought the place from the original owner. There’s a new “taster” menu which they are trying out on the public at large. I tried the salmon burger and loved it. The fish and chips looked promising too. But really, I’m just happy to see my familiar booth and be happy to watch the World Cup on their television screen. The doodle on the napkin started there but I finished it at home. I think it looks like a bird dressed up as a firework. Independence Day is a week away! It must be on my mind.

I find myself writing and drawing on the subway ride from work too. After an end of school year celebration, I swiped one of the napkins and drew this on the bumpy ride home on the C train.

On the C train
On the C train

I’d like to believe my expertly folded napkin and doodle could end up on the artist’s Judy Chicago’s installation piece, The Dinner Party. During Women’s History Month, the Brooklyn Museum displays it every other year. Chicago creates a personalized place sitting for all notable women in history, past, present, mythical, and biblical to sit at the same table for one enormous dinner party. Click HERE to check it out.

Last but not least, a really randomly drawn doodle with no apologies for it’s messy, overlapping sketches and lack of thought into composition. It just is.


Drawn at Cammerari's Cafe
Drawn at Cammerari’s Café

I think I need more inspiration so the goal is to try out zentangle this summer. I’ll REALLY try this time though. Not like that time that I failed miserably at it in the post, Masked Cabbage. Click HERE to see what I mean. Going to do a bit of reading on it and figure it all out on my own once again.

So, enjoy this beautiful Friday and scribble away, folks!




2 thoughts on “Scribbling, Scribbling!

    1. I wish I was worthy to pull up a chair to that Dinner Party. And yeah, sometimes doodles don’t have to be pretty or make any sense. That’s what I love about doing it. It’s a very forgiving art form.


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