Ahoy Sailor!

Ahoy Sailor!

On the day of the Mermaid Parade at Coney Island last Saturday, a man walked into Megabites diner dressed as an octopus. The amazing thing is how no one really reacted to his public display of creative ridiculousness. I think New Yorkers might seem a bit cold at times but really, I think they’re just guarded. All walks of life make themselves known on the street and en masse. People learn to avert their eyes, not respond, and walk with a purpose to some unknown destination.

Anyway, I felt like the Octopus costumed person was worthy of a mention since it takes guts to dress up for this annual parade. In fact, our good mayor and his family led the parade this year…a first in the history of a long line of mayors. WTG DiBlasio!

So yeah, I drew a female sailor just because it had a nautical theme. I managed to get over to the beach some time later in the day so I could breathe in sea air and summer. And, of course, I visited my father with a copy of the Brooklyn Navy Yards where he used to be stationed. I hear they give a nice bike tour, in case you are ever in the neighborhood.

5 thoughts on “Ahoy Sailor!

    1. Wow, thanks. That’s a high compliment. It’s really hard to give the right adjective to New York City because, depending on the neighborhood or even the block or the day or the hour, it can be so many different things…quiet, sophisticated, artistic, rowdy, stinky, loud, busy, lazy…it’s almost overwhelming at times.

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