Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Happy Friday! Went to a street sale and bought a used copy of the movie, The Fountain. If you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend it but it might take a few views to really get what the director is going for. The whole movie is based on the desire to find eternal life. One man in present day, finds it through his medical research. One woman in his past life finds it through creating in death. After she dies, her body deteriorates and it nourishes the tree. She becomes the tree. The birds eat fruit from the tree so she becomes the birds, and so on…

That movie led me to thinking about Fibonacci’s number sequence which is a pattern found in all things including nature and human beings. In made me feel like we are all one, people and the natural world.

So anyway, I began to draw stripes on the arm of the man which is holding a striped branch that he took from the tree behind him. I wanted a repetition in the complex striped design in the tree to be reflected in the human arm and the branch (the tree’s metaphorical arm).

Maybe I’m putting too much thought into this napkin piece. It was lunch time when I drew this, once again. The napkin came from the best deli in East New York that makes something called a Jacked Up sandwich…hot, melted pepperjack cheese on honey turkey and the works.

Napkin drawing has been a great way for me to distress at work so I’ve been doing quite a bit there. I’ll do my best to visit some other parts of Brooklyn for my next one.
Doodle & De-stress, everyone!

6 thoughts on “Tree of Life

  1. When you talked of the storyline I recalled the movie. It’s one of the most original plots I’ve ever seen. I wasn’t sure I liked it at first but at the end I rejoiced.


    1. I felt the same way the first time I saw it. I felt like I got more out of it the second time I saw it. Couldn’t tell if it was about different lives happening at once for the same souls or if it was all from her book, The Fountain. The director seemed to leave that up to the audience, imho.


  2. I love the story behind this piece, and it makes sense to me in light of something like Tree of Life. That is one of my all time favourite movies by the way. I’ve never been able to get into Terrence Malick’s other films (I’ve tried) but this one? Wow. It was moving in a way that I cannot even begin to put words to. It’s a work of art, pure and simple.


    1. I agree. I think the music was incredible too. Sometimes I think the right music will either make or break a movie too. But yes, that movie really was a work of art.


  3. I love these drawings. They almost inhale air, like skin under a tattoo. Saw this film in the cinema years ago with NO IDEA what it was about, and came out conscious of every breath I took.


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