Thou speak’st aright; I am that merry wanderer of the night.

-Shakespeare (Puck), Midsummer’s Night Dream, Act I, Scene 1


From the sketchbook, a pencil sketch. I had to come up with ideas for statue within my community for my 3D Design class. Since a new theater opened in Brooklyn for Shakespearean plays through the acting troupe, Theater for a New Audience at The Polonsky Theater, I thought I would create a statue for Puck. So, er, here’s how it turned out…

Puck, side view

I think he looks cute. He’s currently hanging out on my dresser but I think a larger version of him would be cool in bronze over by Fort Greene Park which is near the theater. I thought it would be cool if the theater would do Shakespeare in the Park like it’s done in Central Park every summer. Puck would mark the area they would perform, maybe, vignette of the their plays to advertise themselves. My professor liked the idea of it, anyway. Wish I had guidance on next steps though.

So, yeah, this doodle inspired something 3 Dimensional.

Also, if you are interested in Shakespearean Theater in Brooklyn, click HERE. I was a British Literature major in my undergrad years a while back so that sort of thing intrigues me.

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