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“All who doodle are not lost!” -Me

Frog and ducks
Frog and ducks

Good morning! These are some small random sketches that I thought I would share. These drawings tend to go over big with the Kindergarten group that I am assigned to watch after the school day is over and we wait for parents to arrive. We have made an unofficial Art Club among the students who’s parents run a bit late. We either draw or do some origami to pass the time.

Silly Bird                  Emu head

Drawing with the Kindergarteners reminds me of my mom. My mom was always known for keeping plastic ziplock bags of pens, pencils, crayons and sketch pads in her enormous pocketbook. Having eleven children, she was pretty good at figuring out ways to keep us occupied and out of trouble. We ended up drawing all the time…at church, at doctor’s offices, waiting for our food at restaurants. Even though I do not have any children of my own, I am keeping up the tradition of keeping kids focused on drawing while we wait.

Fashionista Socialite                 Hipster

In part, I think drawing with the kids keeps me calm as well as them. I think kids tend to feed off the energy of the adults around them so there is yet another reason why doodling is important to humanity. We all need to chillax (as some of the older students might say)!

The Scottish Laird

So, I hope you enjoyed my sketchbook! Off to get some coffee, breakfast, and a napkin to continue my Napkin Doodle Crusade across the Brooklyn frontier.

12 thoughts on “Underground Doodle Collective

  1. I find your blog refreshing and delightful. I got my start in art by doodling as a grade school student. I use to draw the Sunday funnies each week. My favorite was Beetle Bailey.

    As an aspiring artist I had all manner of Venus colored art pencils in my collection. That’s all I asked for from Santa and on my birthday. It really helped that I had a great hobby shop right next door to the building where our apartment was located.

    I commend you for your ingenuity with your school kids waiting to be fetched. That’s how the arts start in young minds. I’ve marked your site as a favorite and will be dropping by now & then. – Bob

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    1. Thanks Bob! I remembering requesting crayons for my birthday. Venus colored pencils are much more sophisticated! My brother is still into the Beetle Bailey cartoon and posts them everyday on FB. They’re awesome! Anyway, thanks for the compliment and for making my blog a favorite!


  2. I play a drawing game called the Squiggle game with kids. The first person draws a squiggle on the paper the other person has to draw a picture from the squiggle. This goes back and forth until the page is covered in art. I’ve been teaching art to kids for the last 4 years at the park. It’s coming to an end in July. I’ll miss all of the brilliant creativity. – thanks for sharing your sketch book. – Sharon

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    1. That’s something that my mom used to do with us kids. We called them art wars because usually my brothers would draw monsters to destroy my pretty girly drawings. Great idea though! I may have to try it with them.


  3. Great post! “All who doodle are not lost!” -Me made me roar with laughter.

    Wonderful sketches– there’s clearly more to you than doodles and napkins… : )

    What an inspired way to introduce kids to art, and perhaps plant a seed. Are you a teacher, then?

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    1. Yes, I am a teacher…and an artist, a photographer, a bicyclist, an avid doodler, a fine petanque player, a movie buff, a dreamer, a philosopher, a do-gooder, etc. Most people hear “teacher” and they figure that’s all they need to know (it feels weird when that happens, but it happens so often), so just clarifying. Here at Brooklyn Doodle, I am a very dedicated and passionate napkin doodler and I’m just taking in life and trying to make some sense of it…although, I think you know that! 🙂

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  4. Many thanks, Mary. You’re right– we’re all too anxious to pigeonhole people, to their detriment and ours. Your expanded “definition” paints a much more accurate and interesting picture.

    P.S. I had to look up petanque. Never woulda guessed that one in a million years! You’re clearly not the pigeonhole type… : )


    1. Thanks, Mark. I think I wish more people were known for their interests rather than their careers. It’s more nuanced. Petanque is actually new to me. Yesterday was Bastille Day and, in the unofficial French ex-pat section of Brooklyn, there were many Petanque tournaments. This year, I decided to try it so I’m actually really new to it. It’s a surprisingly easy game to learn though and the French-Americans there were willing to explain. I’m hooked on it now. 🙂


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