Cammareri’s and Some Napkin Doodling

“What is life? They say bread is life.”

-Nicolas Cage in Moonstruck

Went to Cammareri’s Café in Ft. Greene today. It’s a café across from a beautiful park that is teeming with the dogs and their owners enjoying a bit of nature. That being said, I am seated on the side of the café where there’s scaffolding around the building across from me. It’s such a beautiful building underneath it all. Makes me wonder what Brooklyn must have looked like in the 1800s when horse and carriages ruled the streets instead of cars and SUVs. So, here’s my doodle and my view.

At Camerari's Cafe
At Camerari’s Café

Cammerari Napkin Doodle 004

I’m not sure if I had anything in mind while I drew this, which is the point of doodling anyway. I was happy to play with colors a bit more but I’m finding that the colors are bleeding into the napkin a lot. It doesn’t allow for much creative control but I worked with what I had. Enjoy your week!




9 thoughts on “Cammareri’s and Some Napkin Doodling

      1. I’ve now had the Heat Miser Song from ‘Year Without a Santa Clause’ thanks to Austin of Modern Philosopher and “That’s Amoré” stuck in my head thanks to you – Perhaps, I should just combine the 2 songs and get it over with 😉
        Glad Brooklyn is well and you’re doodling away
        AnnMarie 🙂

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