Chinese Dragon Transformations

Dragon Extended Doodle 012Stress is an important dragon to slay-or at least to tame-in your life.

-Marilu Henner

Decided to continue to experiment with interchangeable doodles. I love the idea of how part of a doodle can transform into a brand new picture behind the original picture. Reminds me of the pop up books I read as a kid. So, I folded a page in my sketch book. Drew a Chinese Dragon over it. When you pull out the flap, a longer dragon appears. See below…

Dragon Extended Doodle 013

I used to tail of the dragon to create yet another doodle on the other side of the flap. This time, I created an alien creature. I’ll have to consider stringing together a story to connect all three incarnations of the same doodle one day.

Dragon Extended Doodle 016

Kind of a harmless looking alien, in my humble opinion!

Well, I had fun drawing this during my lunch break, at a café, on my stoop, and in my apartment all day. Fun projects to assign yourself!

Happy Doodling!

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