Doodle Mosaic

East New York Doodle Cards 006

This is the result of doodling on four different cards and arranging them in a way to create different pictures. I think the first one looks a bit like an abstract lion or a dragon in some way.

 East New York Doodle Cards 004

Rearranged, the doodles seem to form a flower beside some mystical biomorphic looking cliff. Maybe you see something else in it.

 East New York Doodle Cards 008

I started with this drawing. I had found a bunch of discarded white cards that were separating some broken tiles. Some resident in Brooklyn Heights figured someone would use the broken tiles for an art project.  It was left on a stoop with a note for anyone to take them. I ended up using the dividing white cardboard squares instead of the tiles.

 East New York Doodle Cards 009

This is the second card I drew. I tried to connect some of the lines on the side with the first card but then drew whatever I wanted from there. I did this one during my lunch break while working in East New York in Brooklyn.

East New York Doodle Cards 013

I finished this third card on the subway ride home from work. Not as intricate as the others since drawing while in motion is not the easiest thing to do.

East New York Doodle Cards 011

Finally, I completed the fourth card by trying to extend the other drawings onto this one. Then, I put them together in different ways. A fun experiment.


8 thoughts on “Doodle Mosaic

    1. I feel like I’m moving toward that but I’m not entirely sure as to how to get my stuff out into the world yet. In the meantime, it’s fun experimenting. I feel like the artist, Swoon, at the Brooklyn Museum of Art right now is doing stuff that inspires me. She constructs these dwelling with cardboard and illustrations. You should check it out. -Mary


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