Something Random Today

Something Random Today

Did this doodle at, um, I forgot. Okay, so this was a crazy weekend!

I went to the National Arts Club in Gramercy Park to see the documentary, Inocente with a Q&A and art reception on Thursday. Such an intimidatingly beautiful place! If you’re in Manhattan, go check it out. They seem to have a lot of interesting venues there.

Then, I had to head to Long Island after work to the Huntington Arts Council on Friday to see the, Day on Long Island photography reception for my boyfriend (his photo was being displayed). So inspired by the talent there that I decided to register for a course in photography this summer. I’m really excited about it!

I trekked over to Babylon Village, NY on Saturday morning to see Art by the Falls hosted by the Babylon Village Arts Council. I picked up painting there and got to talk to a bunch of different artists on their techniques. I wish I took a notebook with me.

On Sunday, I thought it was the perfect day to bike ride to Coney Island and take photos. The clouds added to the drama of my pictures with the carnival atmosphere. I was happy with them. Was especially happy to have bumped into a musician who was playing his guitar with his many parrots. Unfortunately, one of the parrots made a nest out of his collected money.

So yeah, I lost track of my blog, my napkin doodling, and I am having such a fun time visiting all these different venues. I feel like the creative juices are replenished and I’m ready to return to creating again. I have no idea what this doodle is, by the way. I wish I could come up with some Jungian esoteric explanation but, today, it’s a doodle. Your insights are welcome though. I know it was coffee induced though. Must return to my tea drinking habits, me thinks!

11 thoughts on “Something Random Today

  1. Sounds like a pretty action packed few days, and sounds like a lot of fun. Does your boyfriend have a site where he displays his photography? Would love to see some. Also, you should turn some of your doodles into t-shirts.


    1. I’m trying to get him to start a blog. He’s a freelance writer and photography has been his hobby for a while. If he follows through with the blog, I will keep you posted. I like the idea of the t-shirts. A friend showed me a car that had “doodles” all over it. So many possibilities.


      1. So glad to hear it – gosh, your amazing swirls, patterns and textures would do well on fabric, even cards, handbags…
        I can see them all over the world 🙂
        Have a fantastic 3-day weekend!


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