My mind is on Halloween even though it’s only May. I bought myself a top hat and mask from Cirque du Soleil, just because, and wore it on the subway ride home. A few other people did as well. The Cirque du Soleil crowd was mixed with the Mets game crowd on the subway so it was an interesting mix of personalities on board. Many of the Mets fans who were dressed in all their Mets fan paraphernalia didn’t seem to understand why anyone would want to wear something from a French-Canadian Circus. However, we were all dressed up that night! It felt like Halloween.

8 thoughts on “Pumpkin

    1. I love Cirque! Such incredible skill and artistry! And the pumpkin might have taken a while but as you do it, you sort of meditate, and time passes quickly. Sometimes, it’s best to do these with some music too.


      1. The technique is called stippling, the style is pointillism, and the movement is called impressionism. Yeah, I picked it up in high school too. It drove me crazy the first time I did it but for some reason I went back to it and found a love for it.


      1. You are most certainly welcome and doodle on. If my sister has an art show in Brooklyn I’ll let you know. Her next show is not until September and it is in a gallery in Connecticut


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