My Sister’s First Drawing Class

My Sister's First Drawing Class

I have an older sister who used to let me follow her when I was a kid. She was interested in Space Science and so, I would become interested in that too. In grammar school, when I had to write what I wanted to be when I got older, I declared, ‘Artist or Astronaut’ much to my teacher’s amusement.
So, recently, my sister took an art class at her local library, “the first one since elementary school” where the students were told to shade the other half of the photograph upside down. Instead of seeing it as a face, they would see the face as basic shapes (that’s how I see the reason for it, anyway). Well, I think she did an amazing job and that it was blog worthy. Will have to try this technique out for myself.

15 thoughts on “My Sister’s First Drawing Class

  1. That’s a really interesting way of drawing, she did a really good job too! I am also hugely interested in Space Science and I wish I could go back and study astrophysics when I was younger.


    1. I know what you mean. I couldn’t get past regular old physics though. I loved the labs but the calculus killed it for me. I think Bioengineering looks cool too.


      1. I was the opposite, I loved the maths part but the actual physics and theory really got to my head @.@ I decided to give up my dreams of becoming an astronaut to be a graphic designer instead, haha. Bioengineering looks sounds pretty awesome though!

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      2. I think I have a stronger love for science as an adult than I did as a kid. I was pretty fascinated with Quantum Physics for a while too. There’s a great book called The Dancing Wu-Li Master by Gary Zukav that compares the theories behind Quantum Physics with Eastern Philosophy and it’s beautifully written. Worth checking out! I think being a graphic designer was a good choice though! Anything involving creativity is a good choice, imho.


      3. Thanks for the recommendation, I’ve looked it up on Amazon and have added it to my wish list so I get it later. And I understand what you mean, I used hate anything that involved using my brain as a child but as I got older, I understood the important of science and technology in this modern world. Funnily enough I used to love maths as a kid though!

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      4. Cool. I was into Math as a kid too. The answers were always right or wrong. No grey matter. As an adult, I’m more intrigued by the grey matter or the subjectivity of things. Art and literature tend to explore those topics more often than not.


      5. I think there are a lot of things which you see in a different perspective as an adult. When I did my GCSEs, I hated English Literature a lot and refused to read books for a very long time and now I’m dying to read as many books as I can, but it’s a matter of finding time to do that and everything else I want to do in my free time.


  2. Yes, that was exactly it – to see them as shapes and she told us to see it as light and dark – we made a shade chart just before we started this exercise. And she suggested (and I did) covered up parts of the face that I was not working on so we don’t get overwhelmed – which I do.

    Thanks Mary for the post and thank you to your readers for the likes – it made this old gal pretty proud of herself today (you can teach and old dog new tricks πŸ˜‰ )

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    1. Great drawing tips! I want to try it. I remember doing a shade chart in my drawing classes too. It’s been a while since I did any portraiture though. I like your drawing teacher’s technique. Love your picture, Joanne! Thanks for letting me share it!


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