Film Crews, Dreams, and Doodles

Dealing with Film Crews

Went to DeKalb Ave. after work to a nice little café called Cammereri’s for a Café au Lait, some homemade peanut butter cookies, and some mellow World Music to counter the bustling sounds of the city. As I am doodling on my napkin a film crew plants itself in front of my view at the window and starts filming two guys dressed in nursing scrubs drinking a beer. I started to worry if I was in their shot but then remembered that I was there first! I was going to finish my huge coffee and my doodle because it was a long, long work week for me. I deserved a moment of peace, darn it! I was the diva that was not an actress in their film but, I might have held it up for a few minutes anyway.

Yesterday, Law and Order decided to film on Sheffield Avenue in Brooklyn where I walk to my teaching gig. I think that’s why I keep dreaming that I live on a film set. I dreamt that the buildings were these interchangeable crates and none of it was real. The city was a mere illusion for the lost souls who drift around the streets to find themselves. My dreams are so involved that they feel like it’s a second world that I return to each night. My subconscious must really be working hard to make sense of all the visual stimuli I ingest each day.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my surrealist napkin art. I held up a movie so I could make it for you today. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Film Crews, Dreams, and Doodles

  1. Oh wouldn’t be cool if one of your doodles ended up on Law and Order? Like, you’re in a Coffee Shop doodling and you draw someone and then your doodle of them becomes the little tiniest shred of evidence that proves their innocence from some crime they were being wrongly accused of. That would be awesome.


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