Monochrome Madness Week 9

So exciting! I just found out my photo was posted in this blog. Mine is the one of a guy at a train station holding a newspaper with “A Moment of Truth” article title while a woman looks out the window. First time trying this so it was fun. A worthy repost! Not to mention, there is always a lot of great talent on her site. A worthy follow!


Welcome to another week of Monochrome Madness, a challenge instigated by myself and fellow blogger, and now friend, Laura Macky.  We invite anyone who wants to do Black and White images to submit images and there are instructions on how to do that at the end of the post. Here we are at Week 9 already.  It is our biggest week so far and I have enjoyed seeing the images coming in during the week.


This week, I thought I would try playing around with some of the apps on my phone.  This image was done with the retro camera.  The flowers are the same dead flowers I photographed a couple of weeks ago, the Gerberas.  They are changing all the time.  Who knew they would change so much when they were dead.  They are getting all fluffy now.


It would seem both Laura Macky and I had plants…

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