Rain Goddess

Rain, rain, go away! Come again some other day!

After your umbrella flips up for the fifteenth time on your rainy walk home, it’s time to just give up and get some tea. It was a napkin doodling evening with some Cinnamon Tea and Lemon Cake at Connecticut Muffin on Lafayette Street. The best part of this place is the location since it’s around the block from BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music), several stage theaters, Brooklyn Tech High School, and the new Barclay Center. Some good eavesdropping to be had while I doodled.

Some high school students ordered Earl Grey Tea and talked about test anxiety and who was, “On point” in their class debates. A couple of German tourists who looked like models for the hipster Spring Collection talked over coffee. A guitarist and a singer practiced some soulful cover songs behind me. Some Rastas who normally drink their coffees outside this establishment, watched the rain from inside the café for a change. It was a melting pot of coffee and tea lovers under the same roof. The rain and the promise of a hot drink brought us together. And so, I drew this…


No doubt, she is some sort of creative deity that has swooped over this café and spread her creative influence throughout our hot coffees and our hot teas. Rain forces us inside…inside building, into our psyches, tapping the creative juices and letting it spill forward like a storm cloud. And it continued to rain.

Hoping there’s enough tea and creative juices left to last me through the evening. Drink tea, enjoy the rain, and create, create, create!

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