Me on Mondays

Me on Mondays

This is a quick self-portrait sketch because all potential artists need one, I guess. When I did this one, I had bangs and looked a bit serious, I suppose. I’m guessing it was a Monday because I’m not the biggest fan of Mondays, in general. I was told by a Pratt University graduate admissions person that this looked ‘dark’. I wasn’t sure if she meant the medium (which was a pretty dark pencil) or that the general mood of it was dark. Either way, I bravely shared my sketch that I thought captured my essence. That interview into the Art Therapy program put me on the wait list for a full year until, out of nowhere, I was being reconsidered again. Going through the admissions process the first time is a tremendous amount of work (a new portfolio?) and anxiety producing. I could not bring myself to do it a second time and opted not to do it. Who knows if it was the right decision but I’m sure I just saved myself $80,000 considering that career would not pay nearly that much a year. Closed one door, so maybe another might open. Time will tell.

5 thoughts on “Me on Mondays

      1. It’s a bit sly with you looking out of the corner of your eyes. Judging your own work is an acquired skill. It is tough. For me it has been a long process of learning what others see in my photos. It is complicated by dealing with different groups. The creative types here on are very different from the mostly male audience in internet photography forums.


  1. ‘Tis a wonderful self portrait though. It feels authentic to me, as if you’ve looked at yourself unflinchingly and captured that rather than an idealised version of you. (Although I could just be taking this sketch too seriously. I’ve been known to do that!)


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