Brooklyn Cherry Blossom Festival 2014

Cherry Blossom Festival!


Enjoyed a nice rainy visit to my local Brooklyn Botanical Gardens for the Cherry Blossom Festival! People walked, took pictures, and no doubt, many of those lovely pink, flowery trees will go viral. Why do we love them so much? Aside from seeing some bright, beautiful colors after a very long, grey winter, there is a deeper symbolic meaning behind them. It’s supposed to be a reminder of the vivid beauty of life but also it’s frailty. These flowers never last long and pink petals will often be found raining over everything until they are no more. They symbolize our own beautiful, temporal existence.


Now, I’m about to get really corny, so bear with me. I wondered what were the pink petals of my existence? I imagined it was the napkin doodles. Each of my Cherry Blossom petals would have an intricate design and a few tea stains before they drifted off into the river of nonexistence. When I was younger, I would have liked to believe that my art or my writing would lead to a life of immortality, my legacy would go on beyond my physical existence on this Earth. But maybe it’s good to feel like it’s all temporal. Then, we can live each day with new vigor and a desire to create or contribute again and again rather than feel like we are simply done.


Simply put, I am happy to continue the conversation of life, the random meanderings, and the occasional napkin doodles, even if it’s to share with a few people or no one at all. It’s the momentum of existence, not the static power of a legacy that gets me up every day in morning. That being said, I was very pleased to see that others have contributed their pink petals of existence with doodles at this festival as well. See below…




Illustrators, unknown. Found at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens on 4/26/14.

So go out, create, and continue to build your own Cherry Blossom Tree, one petal at a time.


17 thoughts on “Brooklyn Cherry Blossom Festival 2014

  1. Very nicely done. I really like your metaphor with the petals. Next year, when I move along the sidewalk of the Tidal Basin cherry trees, I will be looking at those falling petals with a different perspective.

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    1. Thank you for reading it. I feel like my perspective of the Cherry Blossoms changed a bit too this year. So lucky that you get to live next to them. Good luck with your move!


  2. Thank you for sharing those lovely photographs and I love the concept of petals symbolising our temporal existence as well. For me, my pink petals would be postcards which I’ve bought and collected throughout the world. I have a habit of trying to bring something back with cultural or artistic imagery on it, usually postcards. It symbolises all of the knowledge I’ve gained and experiences I’ve been through outside of my day-to-day life; it’s a very personal journey. New experiences are coming and going all the time but it’s nice to have postcards as a reminder of the good and bad times.


    1. I like that idea. For me, it used to be magnets for the fridge. Not as romantic as a postcard but I was happy to see them each day after I traveled. I knew some one who would collect a rock for each place they have been. Nice tokens of our experiences.


      1. I agree, it’s nice to bring things back to remember. It’s usually postcards but it’s basically anything I can buy- pins, keyrings and even pieces of art, which is really hard to fit into the suitcase but worth it 🙂


  3. Going back to your question non MM#9, that was meant to be a reference to Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness Series that she has each week on her blog. It was my impression that you were the creator of the first one shown of the 50-plus photographers for the 9th running. Did I make a mistake?


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