Ocean Daydreams


Back to Napkin Doodling again! Went out to 67 Burger tonight and began thinking about polar ice caps melting for no reason whatsoever. I had seen polar ice capping happen when I was on a cruise to Alaska one summer and it was like watching tall buildings fall down into the ocean. I know this is effecting everything from the rising sea levels, to the possible extinction of species like the polar bears, etc.. So, recently, I had heard that the Alaskan composer, John Luther Adams, had won a Pultizer prize for his masterpiece, Become Ocean. I read an interview with him that the piece was inspired by how global warming will effect the way humans will have to contend with these natural changes. Just as the music overtakes the audience, so might the ocean overtake humanity. If you want to read the NPR article and listen to a bit of his composition, click HERE.

As I doodled on my napkin, I started to daydream about what it might be like if the water levels reached a point where we would have to reconsider living in or with the water. Since it seemed inevitable, I wondered how life, as we know it, would change. What a vast space of life that we have yet to explore! I thought of the floating markets in Thailand, the canals in Venice, Atlantis! Would we end up finding something spiritual in the ocean like in the book, Life of Pi by Yann Martel? Would we find a new energy source through water, build cities or pods under the ocean? The ocean is vast and not entirely explored. There could be chaos or there could be adventure in this shift, if it were ever to take place. I know I should be thinking about ways I could stop it. But if I can’t…

The things I daydream when I doodle!

So, enjoy my napkin nonsense. I think there is something aquatic about it.

And two things…One, I have been blogging for 3 months, taking baby steps in this blogging community and, I have to say, I think this is a beautiful global cyber town with such talented, supportive people. Second, always keep your folded napkin closed when you doodle with a Sharpie or it will bleed through. The latter is a public service announcement. Er, not that I know anyone who has done that or anything. ::blush::

Enjoy your doodling daydreams!

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