Tree Dance

Tree Dance

I used to only do the stippling technique for a while. I used a Micron Archival Pen with a .005 tip. It would take hours to do a small picture like this one but it’s a very meditative thing to try. For some reason, I’ve lost my desire to do these. This is an old drawing of mine from one of my old sketch books. Not entirely sure why my style has changed but I like some of the pictures that came out of them.

5 thoughts on “Tree Dance

  1. Outstanding work! I’m really enjoying your blog 🙂

    I used to do this a little when I was in high school, so it brought back memories of art class, and a lot of time spent hunched over my desk. So satisfying when complete though, eh?


    1. Hey, thank you! I guess I never grew out of the habit. I never really think about what I’m going to make as I’m making it, so yes! I do find it satisfying when the image reveals itself by the end. It’s a great meditation and I’m usually all wired up on tea or coffee by the end. Love your street photography. You should check out Adaroma on Facebook. They’re doing a street photography competition right now.


  2. Love the pointalism! Do this style myself and find it extremely relaxing. Great image you’ve done, at first, it looked like a tree, but when I opened your page, the fairy came out! Excellente! 🙂


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