Stripes and Nonsense

Stripes and Nonsense

Was looking through my photos today and found a napkin doodle that I designed during my break. Lost myself in it’s odd design. It’s intuitive and fluid. I highly recommend emptying your mind and creating an unplanned, stream-of-consciousness doodle with some tea.

4 thoughts on “Stripes and Nonsense

    1. Everyone’s process is different. Also, I’m drawing for me, not for some specific purpose. It’s sort of meditative, like journal writing. Make mistakes. Turn the mistakes into something you never considered. You end up being very present in the creation of whatever it is you end up creating.


  1. This is relaxing just to look out. Sometumes there is nothing better than just continuously extending the line and seeing how it will twist. Also the use of negative space is well done.


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