Napkin Diva

Napkin Diva

I don’t know her but she made it clear that she BELONGED on my napkin this morning. Her zentangle cape is meant to taunt me and my inability to do a true zentangle design. But I do not answer to her! In fact, I might need to use the napkin since I spilled my coffee. BE GONE, Zentangle Diva! I shall not give into your pattern-y ways.

8 thoughts on “Napkin Diva

    1. If the mood hits, why not? For me, I feel like I’m conditioned to start drawing whenever the Earl Grey Tea comes to the table. There’s something about cafes and diners that make me feel comfortable enough to relax into my imagination and draw. Thanks for the comment and thanks for visiting my blog! ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Throughout my childhood, I was blessed by an amazing napkin doodler who drew and handed out his work in the local Wal-Mart food court (man that was a long time ago!). He was an elderly man who never spoke, simply gifting his art to children and others who noticed. His specialty was cartoons – Peanuts, Dilbert, and the like. They were wonderful! I remember cherishing each napkin, keeping the art intact as long as I could.

    Thank you for bringing me back to that memory โค and doodle on! Your work is beautiful – you never know how it could impact someone else's life ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. He sounds like he was a pretty special person. The fact that you valued that gift from him and shared how he effected your childhood speaks volumes about the kind of compassionate person you are too. Thank you for sharing that story. It really moved me. As for me, some of the local cafes and restaurants have been collecting them. I live in a big city where it’s easy to be anonymous. As a shy person, it’s perfect for me. However, it’s fun to connect with strangers you see in your day to day routines by leaving a doodle behind. If anything, I’m getting loads of drawing practice done. Thank you again for stopping by and for the wonderful compliment.


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