Paying My Respects to Jean-Michel Basquiat

Believe it or not, I can actually draw.

-Jean-Michel Basquiat

Every artist, writer, musician needs to find their muse. It could take the form of nature, God, someone you admire, or maybe it’s just a cup of tea. For me, it’s usually the latter which is why my doodles end up on napkins. Every now and then, I like to go beyond the café or local diner and see where my adventures take me. Recently, I picked up a book called New York’s 50 Best Places to Find Peace and Quiet by Allan Ishac and located a great bike destination for a rainy Tuesday afternoon: The Green-Wood Cemetery. Seemed a bit morbid but it was lauded as a Historic Landmark with beautiful art, sculpture, nature, and architecture and it was an easy bike ride through Park Slope, Brooklyn. I made it my mission to find the grave of the artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat, which would be a full hour hike through the rain on many winding paths. Luckily, I had a map and a camera to make it all worthwhile. Here are some of the highlights of my journey…


This is the chapel and the entrance gate is behind it.


Many expressive sculptures through the path that are over 200 years old. And finally, I find my muse and add pay my respects  which was added to an odd assortment of things that others have left in tribute to the great artist who addressed many social issues in his art work.



Rest in Peace, Basquiat! He “doodled” with a purpose and spoke loudly for the silent and disenfranchised. Check out his work at

Find your muse, pay your respects and happy doodling!

3 thoughts on “Paying My Respects to Jean-Michel Basquiat

  1. Hey there Brooklyn Doodle. I am Allan Ishac and I am grateful you found my book and it lead you to Greenwood. I like your writing and your blog. Hope it inspires you to take and write about many peaceful adventures. Thanks again.


    1. What an honor to have you visit my blog! I happened upon your book at the Noguchi Museum (which is in your book as well). Looking forward to many more adventures in finding peace and quiet in NYC. 🙂


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