Queens for a Day

Perfect Spring Day for a Bike Ride Yesterday! I ventured through Williamsburg and passed Greenpoint and went over the Pulaski Bridge that connects Brooklyn to Queens.


My favorite destination is the Socrates Sculpture Park! Here, you can check out the sculptures of emerging artists’ works for free while taking in the beautiful Manhattan skyline. The cool thing about this park was that it used to be an abandoned lot surrounded by mostly warehouses in the neighborhood but a group of artists took it over and transformed it into a beautiful park and an artist residency. Now, people go there to take a free yoga class, watch a free outdoor movie, or check out the farmer’s market. There’s always something going on over there that’s interesting. I even caught a free modern dance performance there once. Here’s what I saw yesterday while they were setting up for their next exhibition of emerging artists…


Amazing! I love how found objects created something so beautiful, colorful, and biomorphic. It’s worth seeing since the sheer size of it dwarfs the trees surrounding it and you can spend time seeing all the details and objects that went into creating it. I love it! There are quite a few other sculptures being set up there but they weren’t completed yet so, I took a walk down the street to another sculpture garden.

The Noguchi Museum is worth a trip for a bit of peace, art, and nature. I decided I would take my sketch book with me, sit at one of the wooden benches lined with bamboo trees clinking behind me and absorb the sun, beauty, and rock sculptures created by the Japanese-American artist, Isamu Noguchi. While there might be occasional distant sounds of the city surrounding it, Noguchi’s rock sculpture garden feels as though I have been transported to another world. This is also where I saw my first Cherry Blossom tree blooming of the Spring season. I decided to spend time with it and sketch a bit. Here’s what I created…


Not going for accuracy here but it put me in the right meditative state. The Cherry Blossom tree symbolizes the fragility and beauty of life. I felt that was worth a reflection and a nice rest. Completed the trip with something from the tea café inside the museum before heading back to Brooklyn.

Nature has a way of inspiring the creative spirit. So when I reached good old Mullane’s Bar and Grill before checking out an interesting Sci-Fi Film Noir at BAM, I was ready with my Sharpies when the waitress brought me a wad of napkins. Clearly, she knew her customer. While I would like to say that all this nature inspired some peaceful, beautiful doodle of nature, I was gearing up for a pretty scary film so I went back to drawing my monsters. When I used to work in a bookstore, I read a book (can’t remember the name of it) that claimed you need to draw 1000 monsters before you become a true illustrator. The idea stuck in my head so I do it now an then. Here’s last night’s napkin doodle…


Pretty, right?

That’s all for today. Happy Doodling! …and get outside and spend time with nature!





8 thoughts on “Queens for a Day

  1. I really liked your Cherry Blossom! And I’m happy to know I’m not the only one who carries around sharpies with them. I always have a small notepad and pencil/sharpis in my bag just in case I randomly get inspired.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I love your Cherry Blossom sketch too. I always carry Sharpies around with me but I never seem to remember my colored pencils. May need to visit the art store and add some color now and then.


  2. Fantastic post– a neat bike tour, plus two wonderful and wildly different sketches! Love your style– it has tremendous energy!!

    P.S. How was the movie, was the bad guy as scary as Sketch #2?? : )


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