Being Visible

We pass the time of day to forget how time passes.

-Hipolito, from the movie, Amelie

I pass my time doodling on napkins in diners, cafes, or pubs while drinking tea or whatnot. It’s my thing. It’s how I pass the time. It’s how I can freely be myself without worrying if I said the wrong thing or had the appropriate emotional response to the people and events around me. It feels like my own private sanctuary where I can get lost, put myself in a trance, and be present to my life as it happens in a peaceful way.

Every now and then, I like to share my doodling ruminations but am unsure how to do it. That’s why I take pictures of it and have started this blog. I have been doodling on napkins long before I started this blog. I didn’t keep all of my napkin drawings though and I left them behind with the money for my check. The finished product was not always as important as journey of drawing.

Today, something unexpected happened that reminded me of the movie, Amelie. In the French film, the main protagonist is a waitress who secretly does kindnesses for the people she encounters silently everyday. For instance, she takes a quote from the book written by one of her regulars, Hipolito (who thinks he’s a failed writer), and creates a bit of graffiti with it on the side of a wall that he passes every day. You can tell it means the world to the writer who feels heard.

So, I’m doodling on my napkin when the two waitresses at my favorite diner, Mega Bites, which is on DeKalb Ave. near the (Saturday) Brooklyn Flea market, approach me. Apparently, my aunt had come in earlier that morning and told them how I won a photography competition through an organization called Bicycle Utopia for the Am I Invisible? Bicycle Photography Competition. I was one of five winners to win $200 for my photograph. Here’s the link to the site. You have to click through to find my photo: Bicycle Utopia.

Anyway, the two ladies told me that they heard from my aunt that I have a blog on my napkin doodles. They wanted to show me that they have been collecting my napkin doodles all year. I was completely moved by this and asked if I could take their photo with the collection for my blog and they agreed. Here they are!


So, I guess if anyone decides to venture into Brooklyn, visit them. If you ask to see the collection of my napkin doodles, they have a bunch of them. Some of them, I had completely forgotten I’ve drawn. To see them all together like that makes me feel like I have passed my time well with my morning tea and the universe took care of the sharing of my doodles. I felt like the Hipolito.

Once again, I will share this week’s napkin doodle and encourage you to do the same with your art, your passions, your life’s drum. Share who you are.


Enjoy Spring! Get inspired by nature! Doodle and share!




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