Interchangeable Triptych Owl Napkin Doodle

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We begin with three Kleenex napkins.

Normally, I’m all about drawing doodles on diner napkins but I was home sick with a cold today so bear with me. I had an idea and decided to experiment with it at home (Never fear. We have not left the Brooklyn nabe…from my couch instead though). I had a lot of Kleenex handy. I decided to spare a few of them for a three paneled napkin doodle, otherwise known as a triptych. The three paneled triptych artwork was a style used for early Christian art and would sit behind the altar of churches during the Medieval Period in Europe. My Renaissance Art History Professor would be so proud of me right now!

However, I have decided to try out an idea that inspired me from the El Anatsui art exhibit held a year ago at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. He is a contemporary artist who is known for using found objects, like lids of condensed milk cans, and creates these grand quilts that reflect light in such a way that the discarded items look like gold. His artwork encourages curators and people to interact with it. One room of his exhibit was filled with carving of faces created on driftwood. Each was placed side-by-side. However, people were encouraged to change the pieces around, thus creating an entirely new perspective with the artwork. Hence, I have made an attempt to make my triptych doodle interchangeable with a similar effect. Here are some of the ways I have interchanged the three panels.


I removed the middle frame of the doodle above and then I experimented with flipping one side upside down.


Then, I took the missing middle panel and added it to the other two panels here.


And then moved it to the left…


And finally, switched up the panels once more…


So which arrangement looks best?

I think making art that allows others to be a participant in creating it based on their arrangement preferences is pretty ingenious. Since the way art is seen is changed through the filter of the viewer’s perspective, it’s nice to see a physical representation of that interaction. Hope that technique inspires someone out there to experiment with it.

Happy Doodling!


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