Signs of Spring

In like a lion, out like a lamb.

It’s March 1st and the sun is shining! The morning doves outside my apartment are enjoying themselves…at least until tomorrow’s snowstorm. sigh. Here is my doodle tribute to the Spring birds. May better weather urge them to come forth.
March doodles 001

A friend of mine recently asked me to draw her a picture of a bird flying for a tattoo but my birds don’t seem to be ready to fly yet. The closest I came to getting my bird to fly ended up looking like a carrot with wings. However, I will not be deterred. May have to take some photos of birds flying and get inspired.
Flying carrot

Speaking of inspiration, I’m going to give you a few books from my list to help move you along toward a more doodle-filled life. I love The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. She encourages 3 pages of uninterrupted journal writing first thing in the morning which she calls, Morning Pages. Also, she encourages people to take themselves out (without company) on Artist’s Date. This might be anything of leisure ranging from taking a walk through a museum, a park, or a library to spending $5 on playful items at a Dollar Store. The point is to vary up your routine in life enough so you can get inspired and have fun doing it. Over the summer, I took myself out to the Prospect Park Zoo and fell in love with the owls. Here’s my version of a screech owl…
Owl doodle

Other books that might be of some interest to those exploring the relationship between how creativity and art help individuals after strokes or brain trauma might be interested in My Stroke of Insight by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor. She got her start in brain surgery research due to desire to understand her brother’s schizophrenia. However, her research ended up helping her to understand what was happening to her brain during her own stroke. She used art to help repair the damage that was done. Here’s a great TED Talk by her…

Finally, there’s the book, Shadows Bright As Glass by Amy Ellis Nut. It’s a book that focuses on one man who has experienced brain trauma and multiple surgeries only to undergo a complete personality change. His compulsion to create works of art seemed to help him self actualize himself and repair his sense of identity. Anyway, I dug it and considered pursuing a degree in Art Therapy at one point. At the moment, I stick to my doodles. Here’s the last of my bird doodles for today.

Cock-a-doodle doodle 007

Enjoy the beautiful day!

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