Doodle Redefined

“A drawing is simply a line going for a walk.” -Paul Klee

Saturdays are usually my time to unwind with a cup of Earl Grey tea, some breakfast, and the inevitable napkin from which I draw. This is a nice leisurely way to pass the morning but after a few lines, the subconscious is brought to the conscious level as to where those lines are going. A leisurely activity is quickly made into a focused endeavor in which I am fully engaged. Here’s what my leisurely activities had brought me during breakfast at my local diner…


Yesterday, my mom and I were discussing the author, Sunni Brown. I showed her a Ted Talks youtube clip of her speaking about the need for the term ‘doodle’ to be redefined. Apparently, doodlers are often seen as those who are wasting time. My mom and I recalled how we could remember more during a lecture if we were doodling during class. Sunni Brown basically validates this idea in her video clip below. It’s worth checking out. 

That is all for today. The weather is gorgeous and it’s time to go outside and get some inspiration. Image 

And Happy Chinese New Year! It’s the year of the Horse!

Peace and doodles.

4 thoughts on “Doodle Redefined

  1. I really love your little napkin doodles especially the floral one they have so much character and detail to them . I don’t think either than doodling ( like i often do) is a waste of time but the seeds of an idea thats sitting in your head waiting to go onto paper. Sometimes a doodly thought is so passion filled and intense that you just feel that enthusiasm to open your page or find any scrap piece you’ve not written on to doodle. Look forward to seeing more ” napkin doodles” from you 🙂 x kate


    1. Kate, Thank you so much for your kind and validating comment. I know exactly what you mean regarding the ‘intense enthusiasm’ that is felt whenever you get fully engaged in a drawing. That’s probably why I’ve become committed to writing a blog about it. Glad to have you as a follower and feel free to share some of your own work!


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